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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Black-Owned Bio-Tech Firm Gears Up For Upcoming Racially Charged Trial Against Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente

Nationwide — ViQUAL Medical Technology LLC, a small Black-owned biotech firm based in San Diego, is gearing up for its upcoming trial against Kaiser Permanente in a trade secret misappropriation case by taking on new legal representation. This action follows ViQUAL Medical Technology’s favorable ruling late last year granting their attorney’s Motion to Compel against Kaiser Permanente a large healthcare behemoth. The Court recently set this case for trial on November 5, 2021.

ViQUAL Medical was created to be a medical device division of Better Life Technologies Group, Inc., which received intellectual property from Better Life Technologies Group, Inc., and subsequently created its own unique patent-pending and trade secreted technologies. The trade secrets involved, “a technology designed to help monitor patients suffering from diabetes, heart conditions, cancer and a host of other medical diseases in an encrypted manner that complied with HIPPA regulations” which was a completely novel concept in 2012. ViQUAL officials and founders, George McKinney and Keith Mathis assert that their patent-pending technologies also have been integrated into the healthcare application of IOT (Internet of Things). Further, ViQUAL asserts that because of Kaiser’s breach of contract they are deprived of hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues.

ViQUAL asserts that its trade secrets were stolen after mutually signing a nondisclosure non-compete contract with Kaiser in 2012 which contains the signature of Jed Weisberg, Kaiser’s then CTO.

Subsequently, ViQUAL shared its trade secrets with C-level officers of Kaiser and had meetings regarding their innovative physician to patient wireless-wearable communication technologies that had applications that have gone global.

Better Life Technologies is now developing a watch that will wirelessly detect COVID-19 and other pathogens in real-time through its gas detection technology. “This technology would be extremely useful now and in the future detecting, pathogens including COVID-19, cancers, and other diseases of the human body non-invasively,” says George McKinney, CEO/Managing General Partner.

ViQUAL Medical has retained Procopio, Cory, Hargraves & Savitch LLP to represent it in the litigation. According to an independent analysis by Lex Machina, Procopio ranks in the top 1% of all law firms for the number of trade secret litigation matters it has handled in California federal courts in the last five years. The trial date is scheduled for November of 2021. Visit BLTG’s website at BetterLifeTechinc.com.

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