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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Black-Owned Businesses on a Path to Domination

Black business owner

Nationwide — There was a time several decades ago when the existence of even a single Black-owned business was enough to invoke feelings of pride and accomplishment that rang throughout a Black community. We were proud and seemed to walk taller past that business on the corner that we knew was owned by one of us. Even if we didn’t know the owner, there was that feeling that they were representing the best of each of and every one of us, and that felt good.
Fast forward to 2019 and that good feeling has grown exponentially.

Black-owned businesses of today are no longer typecast to barbecue joints and barber shops. Think of any line of business and chances are, African-Americans make up a share of the ownership. It’s not every day we stop to reflect on the fact that some of the best small businesses are Black-owned, but when the thought occurs, it can be strong, warm, and empowering.

Blacks still represent a small share of American entrepreneurs, but according to SmallBizTrends.com, a 2018 survey revealed that black business ownership was up 400% from the previous year. In fact, of all the minority business owners launching in this time frame, African-Americans made up the largest share. This data speaks volumes and calls attention to the acceleration of Black entrepreneurial success. More exciting is the kind of businesses we’re starting. Our grandparents’ barbecue joints and barber shops are not what Black gen x’ers and Black millennials have in mind. These generations are already neck deep in their own flavors of business, including software & tech companies, investment firms, and manufacturing.

As if that’s not enough good news, the amount of black business owners doing big things is just a drop in the bucket of a grander scheme. Black professionals are also finding higher levels of success as real estate agents, salespeople, and other prestigious positions. While they aren’t always synonymous with business ownership, these activities still require black professionals to operate as if they owned their own business.

Black entrepreneurs and professionals do business with all races, but it’s clear that black consumers still seek out and support black businesses when possible. A new online directory – www.BlackBusinessSearch.com – has initiated a project to connect Black business owners and professionals with black consumers on and off the internet. Everyone wins because black businesses and professionals can affordably advertise their products and services on the directory, and black consumers can search the directory for free. Whether you’re interested in advertising, or your goal is to find a Black business, we suggest checking out the “Black Business Search” website.

It appears that black entrepreneurs and professionals are on a roll and gaining momentum. If you’re an African-American interested in starting your own business or taking on a job that requires entrepreneurial savvy, now is that time. There’s a big wave heading in the direction of success. Are you ready to ride it?


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Black Business Search
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