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Monday, March 20, 2017

Innovative Company Releases New Line of Afro-Futuristic Hair Styling Products

Afro Futuristic Hair Styling Combs

Afro Futuristic Hair Styling Combs produced by Carbon-AR

Oakland, CA — Carbon-AR is a Black-owned product and media creator in Oakland, California that creates Afro-Futuristic Styling Combs. They are quickly expanding into becoming a producer of culturally relevant high quality products in the Black hair industry.

With the release of the Ndevu Beard Comb and the Mwunde Hair Stick, Carbon-AR has committed two unique, specialized art pieces for the styling, celebration and beautification of kinky, curly, thick and loc’d hair.

The Afro Picks, Beard Combs and Hair Sticks are conceived, designed, and produced all within Oakland through a network of creators and tech focused entrepreneurs using sustainable exotic hardwoods and functional furniture construction techniques for strength and stability, while maintaining the beauty and feel of a family heirloom.

Carbon-AR is very active on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook but mainly at the primary site, www.carbon-ar.com, where the combs can be directly purchased. This is the central location for media, art work tutorials and music all focused on the black experience and imagination. The site is specifically designed to build relationships with customers and provide them high quality products, professionalism, and meaningful engagement.


Carbon-AR, LLC
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