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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Black-Owned Company Finds Success Selling Natural Products For Men and Women With Bedroom Issues

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NationwideLive Natural, the company formally known as Alpha RX Plus which has successfully helped men control erectile dysfunction for 7 years, now has a new product on the market for women called Eve’s Alpha8.

JR Scroggins, CEO of the company, says that he is proud as an African American owned company to be able to offer natural products for both men and women to make life in the bedroom better.

Prior to this offering, men alone had a solution without side effects to assist them to once again perform like normal during intimacy. Controlling erectile dysfunction can be considered a life saver because according to medical reports, men with ED have an 80% risk of heart disease. Medical history also shows ED strikes 5%-10% of men (possible 39 million US) by age 40, and around age 70, 40%-60% of men (more than half) have ED.

Scroggins took on the challenge with Alpha RX Plus in 2012 for personal reasons, and to help others overcome ED without the side effects of most over the counter and prescribed solutions.

But for years the bedroom remedy has been treated as a one-sided affair. “If the ladies don’t feel amorous during intimacy, sometimes they are not treated with the love and respect deserved. And most often, the problem was physiological. This issue can now be solved inexpensively and quickly,” says Scroggins.

Live Natural has found a way to assist women who might experience hormonal imbalance which may affect menstrual problems, and includes issues like fertility, dryness of skin, pigmentation, frigidity, sagging breast and premature aging. All valid reasons for not wanting to make love during intimacy.

Scroggins is proud to offer Eve’s Alpha8 as a great solution for women that is designed to significantly boost libido, improve natural lubrication, reduce vaginal dryness, and alleviate pain that some women experience during intercourse.

To learn about the additional benefits of Eve’s Alpha8, visit their website dedicated to women:

And for men experiencing Erectile Dysfunction (ED), learn more or place an order by visiting:


JR Scroggins