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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Black-Owned Company Selling Herbal Solution For Erectile Dysfunction Now Has A Product For Women

Black Couple

Nationwide — Alpha RX Plus LLC, an African American owned company that sells a popular all-natural product for men with erectile dysfunction, has also launched a new product for women called Alpha Moist & Tight.

CEO J.R. Scroggins says the product was put into the market due to the response and request of their existing male customers. He says he’s had conversations with customers who said their wives who would also love to have a product that would help them to be more comfortable during passionate moments.

Alpha Moist & Tight is also an all-natural product made from herbs, and serves several functions for women. It is a cream that acts as a lubricant, provides a fresh clean scent, and is also designed to tighten the vagina and surrounding muscles.

Scroggins comments, “Some women are opting for vagina tightening surgery, which can be expensive. And not all doctors practicing this procedure are experts due to the relative newness of this type of surgery.”

The procedure he is referring to is called Labia Plasty, and is performed to shape and tighten the enlarged (Minora and Mijora). Some women are born with this enlargement, and some experience it after giving birth.

Alpha Moist & Tight, however, is an all-natural solution to this problem and is designed to give the vagina a youthful appearance again.

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Alpha RX Plus, LLC

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