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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Black-Owned Company Pumps $100K into Black Tech Start-up

Jeffrey Allen, Jr., CEO at Ebonomy, Inc

Jeffrey Allen, Jr., CEO at Ebonomy, Inc

Charlotte, NC — Ebonomy, Inc. aims to change the face of the web with its new Afrocentric website at www.ebonomy.com. The tech start-up company recently received a $100,000 investment from JHP Industrial Supply Company, Inc., which is a Black-owned wholesale distributor for the plumbing, heating, and industrial industry based in Syracuse, NY.

“I understand the importance of a company like Ebonomy, Inc. as the president of a certified minority-owned business. This website can potentially impact the entire Black culture,” says Emanuel B. Henderson III, President of JHP Industrial Supply Company. “When you can look around and see the negative effects of poverty in many Black communities, it makes sense to partner with a corporation that is all about Black economic growth.”

The new website features a niche search engine to promote Black businesses as well as various applications to connect Black business owners and consumers. The website aids thousands of Black-owned businesses in increasing their revenue through advertising opportunities. Users are able to generate wealth through the website’s affiliate program and website owners can earn commission through Ebonomy’s pay-per-click publisher program. Users are also granted a fast and simple way to access Black businesses and content through a keyword search on the website.

“Ebonomy.com is a way to spread information and content that will foster growth within the Black community. It’s time for Black-owned businesses to have a tech platform that caters to them,” says Jeffrey Allen, Jr., CEO at Ebonomy, Inc. “It’s time to bridge the gaps between Black-owned businesses and consumers who want to support them.”

Business owners are invited to subscribe at www.ebonomy.com for $100 in free advertising for a limited time. To learn more about Ebonomy, Inc. and to receive the latest updates, follow them on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/ebonomy), Twitter (@ebonomy), and Instagram (@ebonomyweb).


About Ebonomy, Inc.:
Ebonomy, Inc. is a technological startup corporation founded by brothers Clayton and Jeffrey Allen, Jr. The corporation is currently headquartered in Charlotte, NC and will soon open a second office in Atlanta, GA. The mission of Ebonomy, Inc. is to promote a collective vision for black economic empowerment, growth, and cultural appreciation by providing a technological platform whose primary purpose is to disseminate Afrocentric content, news, events, and ideas.

Ebonomy, Inc. also markets Black-owned businesses, offers networking tools for members of the Black community, and provides a simple and organized way to access and search for information relevant to the Afrocentric community.

For more information, please contact Jeffrey Allen, Jr. at (404) 565-4254 or email at jeff@ebonomy.com


Ebonomy, Inc
(404) 565-4254

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