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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Black-Owned Daily Room Rental App Makes History as the First to Compete with Airbnb

Cathy Burch, founder of Daily Room Rentals

Cathy Burch, founder of Daily Room Rentals

Nationwide — For the first time in history, a Black-owned portal website and app has been developed to compete in the same space as AirBnB with a unique twist of its own. It’s called DRR which stands for Daily Room Rentals, and the web site is DailyRoomRentals.com.

The company is based in Las Vegas Nevada but services travelers and room renter from all over the globe. The site is the first of its kind to feature rooms for daily rentals which allows the host to maximize their rental income. Thus the slogan turn your spare room into spare cash was born.

How they did it

When Cathy Burch, who is a vacation home rental owner and the author of the best-selling book How to Make Our Mortgage in a Weekend (available at www.fdguide.com), discovered that their were minimal options to rent a room on a daily basis she ventured out to develop what now is known as drr. Cathy was looking for a room to rent while her entire home was being rented out for a weekend and to her surprise there was no option for just that niche. Cathy decided to create the brand to fill this void.

She knew the room accommodation industry was very competitive so she sort to partner with the leading travel company in the world.

The benefits of DRR – Daily Room Rentals

Room and board has long been a practice to supplement income in many ethnic communities for over a century. Turning your spare room into spare cash makes just as much sense as driving for a rideshare company. Drr has provided a platform to make it as easy as one, two, three.

According to Cathy, some of her DRR hosts are able to cover their entire monthly expenses from a weekend rental. Tourist towns are lucrative but the Cathy feels where ever there is a hotel there is a market for DRR. As Cathy likes to say, “Basically people have to lay their head somewhere so why not your room.”

For more details about Daily Room Rentals and how to become a DRR host, visit their web site at www.DailyRoomRentals.com or either download the app at the Google store or Apple store.


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