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Monday, August 6, 2018

Black-Owned Distributor of High-End Sports Products Expands Internationally — Introduces New Sports Technology to China and India!

Dr. Tony Serna and Cyril White, founder of To God Be The Glory Sports

Dr. Tony Serna of CRYOBATH and Cyril White, president of TGBTG Sports

Houston, TX — To God Be The Glory Sports (TGBTG), a Houston-based Black-owned distributor of high-end sports equipment, is continuing to diversify their business operations in China and India.

Founded in 1997, TGBTG Sports has become internationally recognized for their inspirational sports camps and goodwill exhibition basketball tours. The company also assists young athletes with obtaining college scholarships, and advises professional athletes in business related ventures.

After building a state of the art sports training center in Houston in 2008, and setting up an office in Beijing, China in 2013, TGBTG recently began leveraging their brand recognition in the global sports market to co-brand and distribute products that are complimentary to athletes.

“Things change fast in the world, and we have to ready to make changes in the way we do things that allow us to remain effective and relevant,” said Cyril White, founder and director of TGBTG Sports. “We have been very hands on and interactive with our audiences through our sports programs, and now we are looking to positively impact people just as much with the products we co-brand.”

One of these products is the CRYOBATH, a top of the line Cyrotherapy machine that is becoming widely popular with professional sports teams. TGBTG has already sold several Cryotherapy machines in China to teams in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), and has a firm contracted to market the machines in India.

Benefits of the CRYOBATH include:
* Reduced muscle soreness
* Reduced inflammation
* Increased blood circulation
* Promotion of weight loss and toxin disposal
and other medical and anti-aging usages!


TGBTG has reached similar agreements with two patented training product companies, “The Perfect Jumper” shooting training tool, and “XROSSOVER” training vest. Both products are original patented inventions designed to help young athletes improve their performance in sports. As with CYROBATH, TGBTG Sports will place their trademarked “Ball and Cross” logo on all of the products sold/distributed by the TGBTG Sales Team.

“We are excited about the all of the products that we will co-brand through our distribution agreements,” said White. “We are glad to provide the added value service to our consumers by introducing these very useful products to the marketplace.”

For a complete list of TGBTG co-branded products, visit www.tgbtg.com


Natasha Triplett
Director of Communications