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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Black-Owned Hair Care Enterprise Releases Revolutionary New Edge Control Device

Toja Cawley, founder of Hairocracy Edge Control device

Toja Cawley, founder of the Hairocracy Edge Control device

Nationwide — Hairocracy is a Black-owned venture founded by entrepreneur Toja Cawley that offers a collection of high-quality hair and facial products. The company sells hair extensions, male wigs and toupees, hair care and styling products, beard care products, and many other beauty accessories.

Their flagship products include the Edge Control regrow brush and the GrowCap by Hairocracy. They feature Low Level Laser Therapy to stimulate scalp and result in hair growth. The GrowCap comes in two strength 148 Diodes and 272 Diodes. The difference being how quickly results are derived. These do come at a high price tag but is considerably cheaper than similar products. The Edge Control Brush also features LLLT and is designed to fir small targeted spaces such as the hairline. Both comes with an all natural organic serum formulated to achieve hair growth. The store also produces a line of Tea Tree Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner to aid with hair growth.

To explore Hairocracy’s Hair Loss Products, visit https://tinyurl.com/tjwekr9

In addition to their Hair Growth devices, shoppers can find a large selection of high quality hair extensions and even hair extensions for men. Customers can choose from more than 30 stretch lengths; and textures.

Men too are not left out of the fun as Hairocracy offers a long list of hair products for them as well. The Hairocracy Human Hair Durable Hairpieces Lace Thin PU Replacement System For Men Toupees is a top-rated product changing the lives of men who have lost their hair. The product is available in four sizes, and more than 30 design, density, and color options and textures including kinky natural.

Men also have a long list of products for beard care. Electric beard straightener, beard oil, mustache clip styling tool, etc. are all available at very affordable prices.