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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Black-Owned Herbal Products Company Conducting 50 Man Proof-of-Performance Trial Test For Men With Erectile Dysfunction

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Nationwide — African American owned herbal products company Alpha RX Plus, which offers a popular all natural product for men with erectile dysfunction called Alpha RX Plus, is conducting a trial test on 50 males.

The company is offering 50 male volunteers the opportunity to test try their product to defeat erectile dysfunction. CEO J.R Scroggins says he continuously tests his product with men who are dealing with this problem and that they are searching for safe, inexpensive solutions.

According to Scroggins, the feedback that Alpha RX Plus receives from the volunteer test enables the company to honestly access the effectiveness, potency and purity of their solution.

They are looking for males, aged 40-80, to use a 4-capsule sample of their product over a period of 6 days, and then fill out a short survey of their results. Interested men can sign up online at www.alpharxplus.com/Contact_Us.php.

The first 50 men to respond will receive the sample box of 4 capsules, and they must agree to complete the online survey at the end of the 6th day of product use. In order to receive the sample, they must also provide their name, address, phone number, and email address.

The company emphasizes that their product, Alpha RX Plus is not a medicine and that this is not a medical study. The product is an all-herbal solution and classified as a dietary supplement.

For more information about the trial test and/or to place an order, visit www.alpharxplus.com/Alpha_RX_Plus_ED.php


J.R. Scroggins