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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Black-Owned Miller Wireless is Launching New Wireless and Home Services that Builds Credit in Alabama & Georgia

Miller Wireless

Nationwide — It is estimated that a whopping 95% of all Americans now own a cell phone of some form. Studies also reveal that an astounding number of cell phone owners are displeased with their cell service plan. This has consumers listening in with anticipation and hope as Miller Wireless, a brand new promising cell phone plan, nears its launch date.

On March 29, Miller Wireless will become available to cell phone users across the nation. The service can be access through the Miller Wireless website and at several physical locations in Georgia and Alabama.

“We are excited that our family’s dream to offer affordable, reliable cell phone service will finally come to pass in the near future,” stated Shakea Miller who is co-owner with her husband in the endeavor. “We have worked hard for a long time to make this possible and are happy that we will be helping people in doing so. We are also thrilled to be offering a two-for-one special on our Miller XL model.”

The company’s main objective is to help consumers build their credit with Miller Wireless’ 2nd chance program. This program gives people another chance to start building their credit to the score they are looking for. They do not report negative payments only positive. They are here to help consumers build their credit score. They also make cell phones, and unlimited plans affordable and accessible to all. In order to introduce that desire to the public, they are offering a buy one get one free incentive of their Miller XL model phone on the launch date.

William and Shakea Miller saw the need for a change in cell phone service plans many months ago. The entrepreneurial side of them took over and soon their wheels were in motion. After nearly a year in progress, Miller Wireless is soon to debut.

What makes this company unique is their heart to help make their cell phone customers happy with their plans. They will be offering prepaid cards with plans starting as low as $25. Also in the mix is making service available to ex-felons at a discounted rate and those with little or no credit or even bad credit. In fact, the plans are designed to even assist customers in establishing and repairing their credit.

Another feature that will set Miller Wireless apart is that they will offer multiple networks including Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T.

The Miller’s nine year-old son, Jarvis, wanted in the family business as well so he added his input and created a kid’s edition option to the wireless plans that will be available April.

The Millers are no strangers to the business world. They began in the wireless plan service in 2016, before they decided to begin their own cell phone company. They also have several successful staffing agencies and tax services in Georgia and Alabama. Jarvis is the author of a number of children’s books and has owned and operated his own hotdog cart. He recently launched a math app too.

Miller Wireless is currently valued at 9.6 million due to investors’ interest and talks of plans in the making to go public. The credit building incentive is a main attraction that consumers are especially interested in as well as the second chance program they will be offering.

The Millers will also be launching home services, cable, internet, and phone starting as low as $39.99. This company is called Miller Network.

William hails from Montgomery, Alabama where he attended Carver High School. He is tends to their Georgia staffing businesses. He love technology and comes from a background in technology from his computer business he once had at a young age.

Shakea is originally from New Jersey although she relocated Troy, Alabama when she was 12 years old. She is a Prattville High School graduate and also attended the Alabama State University Business where she majored in Business. She opened her first tax business and staffing agency in 2014.

On March 29, Miller Wireless will be available to the public. The date is also the couple’s wedding anniversary. Miller Wireless cell phone plans can be purchased on the Miller Wireless website or in person at 507 South 7th Street, Opelika, Alabama and 1815 12th Avenue, Columbus, Georgia. More locations expected to be announced at a later time.

For more information, visit www.getmillerwireless.com.


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