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Monday, March 25, 2019

Black-Owned Product Makes Chemical Free Hair Coloring for Children Safe… and Fun!

Black children wearing hair color

Children wearing vibrant hair colors from Mysteek Natural

Nationwide — Electra S. Davis, founder of Mysteek Naturals, has developed a chemical free hair color product that has become very popular with children all across the country. It allows children and teenagers to be very expressive without the risk of contaminating their hair or skin with toxic ingredients.

She says she started using the colors on her son first, and it seemed to be a conversational piece to bring him more friends. She states it brought up his confidence amongst his peers because he was able to outwardly express himself with his hair.

Electra then realized that other children would have so much fun having hair color at birthday parties, sports championships, competitions, and in their everyday lives without the permanent commitment, toxic chemical, or possible damage to the hair. Since then she has many customer purchases for these special events.

The cream-based hair colors assist in obtaining vibrant colors that customers want without drying or damaging the hair. Even more, there is no need for developer, no rinsing, bleach, pre-lightening, or chemical dyes. Just rub the color into the hair and go. It’s so easy, and fun that children just absolute love it!

Available hair colors available include:

* Bougie Blue
* Poppin’ Pink
* Twerkin Turquoise
* Fyah Red
* Royal Purple
* Mutha Maroon
* Glowing Green
* Fierce Fuchsia
* Assertive Auburn
* and more

The only “give and take” with this product is that because it is a cream base, it is recommended to wear a bonnet at night to protect your pillows.

For more details and/or to make a purchase from Mysteek Naturals, visit their official web site at www.mysteeknaturals.com or follow the brand on Instagram @mysteeknaturals


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