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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Founder of Black-Owned Stationery Brand Lands Deal With Target; Fulfills Dream of Late Husband

Founders of DynaSmiles

Nationwide — Daveia Odoi, owner/ illustrator of Black-owned stationery brand, The DynaSmiles by DNT, has launched 3 of her designer journals in Target stores online. Each journal features artwork that celebrates the beauty and joy of Black women.

The announcement comes a year and a half after the future of the brand was presumably wiped away due to the unexpected cancer diagnosis and subsequent death of Daveia’s husband, Edmund, who was also the co-founder of the company.

“2020 was a very rough year for my family. With so many uncertain situations arising at once, the business was indefinitely put on hold. The day I decided it was time to try again was the day I learned that Target was interested in carrying our journals,” says Daveia. “Knowing that some of our products are now on their website is the culmination of a dream that my husband never got to see. Yet, he saw this opportunity from the very beginning,” she acknowledges.

Known as a man with strong faith, Edmund would often convince Daveia to take a stroll with him down the stationery aisle of their local Target. The exercise was to gain inspiration for one day seeing their brand carried by the retailer. Now you can find The DynaSmiles by DNT’s designer journals, Ms. Flower Forward, Ms. Glitters N Goals, and Ms. Natural Mocha Brown, online at Target.com; fulfilling the late co-founder’s dream.

To honor her husband’s legacy of encouragement and to teach their two children resilience through difficult times, Daveia continues their mission of inspiring others through her happy artwork available on high-quality products.

The DynaSmiles by DNT’s entire collection of notebooks, phone cases, t-shirts and more can be found through their official website at TheDynaSmiles.com.

You can interact with the brand on social media via Instagram and Facebook.

For press inquiries, contact hello@thedynasmiles.com