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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Black-Owned Toy Company Introduces First Ever Series of African American Mermaid Princess Dolls

African American mermaid princess dolls

Beautiful dolls exclusively sold by ToysLikeMe.com

Nationwide — Just in time for #BlackGirlsRock, #BlackGirlMagic, and every other hashtag that celebrates Black women, one Black-owned toy company has just released what they are calling the first ever series of African American mermaid princess dolls. The 12 inch dolls are sisters, and are named Stella, Bella and Abriella. They represent royalty, beauty, fashion, and pride.

The dolls were created and are sold exclusively by Toys Like Me, and are the latest addition to the company’s already popular collection of backpack dolls and other plush toys for African American children. The idea was conceived by entrepreneur Dante Lee, an African American dad who noted that the toy aisles in most major retailers lack diversity. This inspired him to launch his own line of toys that Black children can resonate with.

Here are some of the features of the African American mermaid dolls:

* Beautiful 12″ dolls wearing a gold, purple and pink top and gown.
* Made from durable plastic with beautiful hand-sewn clothing.
* Designed to empower young Black girls and build self-awareness and self-esteem.
* Beautiful long hair that can be brushed and arranged in any desirable hair style.
* Some of the dolls have highlights in their hair!
* Easy-to-move neck, legs, and arms enabling the dolls to sit down or stand up.
* Great gift for both children… and adult collectors!

These dolls, among the company’s other toys, are already a favorite among young Black girls. The company receives hundreds of orders every month from all over the world.

Lee comments, “Our toys build character, self-esteem, and most importantly… self-awareness!” He is planning to soon release a new series of plush dolls that resemble African American doctors, nurses, school teachers, students, and more.

For more details and/or to place an order, visit www.ToysLikeMe.com

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