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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Black Physician, Dr. Lisa Herbert, Encourages Other Doctors to Rise Up and Become Healthcare Leaders

Dr. Lisa Herbert, author of Physicians Rise Up

Nationwide — In Physicians Rise Up, leadership coach, best-selling author and family physician, Dr. Lisa Herbert provides other doctors with tips and insights to becoming a healthcare leader. In her new book, she utilizes the experience and training she gained while making her own successful comeback from burnout after 20 years of practice.

According to Dr. Herbert, the healthcare industry is rapidly transforming, and effective healthcare leadership is crucial. Yet, most physicians who are propelled into leadership lack the proper guidance and structure to be effective. Leadership skills are not taught in medical school or residency training which leaves many physicians unable to excel in their roles.

Well, seasoned physician leader and executive coach, Dr. Herbert, believes that her guide will show physician leaders how they indeed can step up and change the direction of healthcare system one organization at a time.

Dr. Herbert believes physician leadership is important to healthcare. She states, “A physician who is in a leadership position brings a unique perspective to healthcare organizations as they understand how the health system affects patients. Physicians on the front lines doing the work, understand the day-to-day challenges of practicing medicine and caring for their patients.”

In Physicians Rise Up readers will explore:

* The Why of Physician Leadership
* Types of Physician Leadership Roles
* How Organizations Find Talent To Fill Their Physician Leadership Roles
* Self-Awareness (EI) is important for Physician Leadership
* Leadership Mindset
* Communication
* How To Present Yourself As A Physician Leader
* Leadership Styles
* Leadership Confidence
* How Organizations Can Support Leaders Who Thrive
* Balanced Leadership

As a respected family physician Dr. Herbert brings over 20 years’ experience of providing primary care and serving as a healthcare leader. She has a unique background and extensive experience of being a physician and a healthcare leader in hospital administration, public health, academic medicine and the health insurance industry. She is the Founder and CEO of Just The Right Balance LLC, where she helps physician’s transition into high performing leaders who will improve the healthcare landscape by building healthy communities and strong organizations through her coaching, books, consulting, workshops and training.

This invaluable book is a must-read for every doctor who is ready to confidently transition into a thriving leadership role and take back healthcare. The practical and advice will lead physicians on a clearer path to success. Published by Purposely Created Publishing, Physicians Rise Up can be purchased at www.physiciansriseup.com


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