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Friday, July 21, 2023

Black Screenwriter Announces Film Music Contest to Identify Potential Score Talent

Glenford Noble

Nationwide — Screenwriter Glenford Noble and a team of independent producers seeking to develop the film, “Florence,” have launched a film music contest to help discover talent for the movie’s musical score. The competition will help continue progress of the film’s production during the Screenwriters Guild strike, which temporarily halted the development of the film.

“Florence” is scripted as a remarkable motion picture based on the inspiring true story of Florence Beatrice Price, an extraordinary African American woman and gifted composer in the 1930s. Price made history by composing over 300 works, paving the way for future generations of female and underrepresented artists in the classical music industry. Price’s triumphant story was previously explored by a PBS documentary that aired April 2022.

The music composition contest presents a unique opportunity for composers to showcase their talent and contribute to a significant artistic endeavor. This contest aims to discover the perfect musical accompaniment that will capture the essence of Florence Beatrice Price’s remarkable journey and bring the film to life.

“We are extremely excited to launch this music composition contest,” said Glenford Noble, the creative mind behind “Florence.” “We believe that music is an integral part of storytelling, and we are dedicated to finding the most talented composers who can infuse their artistry into our film. Our goal is to work on democratizing the film’s development where we can, while we wait for the strike to end.”

Noble, an Australian-based actor and producer of Jamaican heritage, said he believes Price’s story will resonate with global audiences because it shows the determination of creators to realize their calling despite challenges.

“We consider this film project to be the ‘Hidden Figures’ of classical music in America,” he said.

Price also mentored and collaborated with Black American female composer Margaret Bonds and the renowned vocalist Marian Anderson.

The “Florence” movie production team invites composers of all backgrounds and music genres (classical, jazz, hip-hop) to take part in this contest and submit their finest compositions that reflect the spirit and themes of “Florence.” The judging panel, composed of industry experts and renowned musicians, will evaluate submissions based on their creativity, originality, and ability to evoke emotions.

Composition samples should not exceed five minutes, and the top three entries chosen by industry producers and musicologists will be selected for the film’s score. Submissions are due by Sept. 30. Winning entries will be announced Nov 1.

“Florence,” will be a captivating film that promises to inspire and connect with audiences around the world. In addition to the prestige of having their work showcased on the big screen, the chosen composers will also receive recognition and exposure during promotion of the film.

For those interested in submitting work or learning more about the film, please visit the Florence movie website at Florence-Movie.com

Noble Productions is an independent film production company dedicated to creating meaningful and impactful stories that resonate with audiences globally. Led by visionary screenwriter Glenford Noble, the company aims to push the boundaries of storytelling and bring unique experiences to the silver screen.

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