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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Creative Black Teens Encouraged to Submit Artwork, Writings, Music to Expressions by Walgreens Challenge

Black student winner of Walgreens Expressions Challenge

Nationwide — Research shows that teens today care about lots of issues, from navigating high school to the global environment. However, mental health, specifically anxiety and depression, ranks highest––especially among Black teens.

Although Black students continue to experience mental health challenges, they are finding ways to cope and combat their feelings of frustration and despair. One of which is through art. This is especially important as psychologists and studies tout the therapeutic benefits of artistic expression as having the potential to decrease anxiety and feelings of anger and depression.

Now through March 31, Walgreens is offering teens from ages 13 to 18 up to $2,000 in cash prizes for the 13th Annual Expressions by Walgreens Challenge. The challenge was created to provide students with a creative outlet to express themselves personally and emotionally. High school students nationwide can begin submitting entries for the creative arts competition through various mediums such as art, photography, videos, spoken word, literature, and songwriting. Submissions can reflect or meditate on critical issues like self-esteem, mental health, bullying, gender identity, abstinence, and more.

The challenge has granted partners like social media influencer Damoyee (@Damoyee) the opportunity to showcase their creativity nationwide.

“I know from experience that it’s not always easy to share your art with others, it’s a part of you that’s very personal and sometimes sensitive. When I first started out in music, I was relentless. Nothing could stop me from getting my hands on every instrument I possibly could,” Damoyee shares with 2022 challenge winners. “Then the teenage years came along, and it became harder to express myself and share my music with others, but I knew I had to be more open to accomplish all the dreams I imagined. The belief you have in yourself is worth more than anything, and sometimes taking that additional step to share your art with others is all you need to keep going. Continue pursuing your passion. The world is waiting!”

In its 13th year, Expressions has reached more than 1 million students and awarded more than $350,000 in monetary prizes. This year, a total of 12 winners (four from each category––visual arts, media arts, spoken word, and creative writing) will be announced in May 2023 during Mental Health Awareness Month.

To learn more and/or to enter the challenge, visit ExpressionsChallenge.com

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