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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Black Teens Risk Getting Infected with Coronavirus Over New Air Jordan Sneakers

Black teens in line to buy Air Jordan sneakers

Chicago, IL — A troubling video recently posted on social media shows around 300 teenagers in Chicago standing in line, neglecting social distancing orders amidst the coronavirus pandemic. All of this just to get their hands on a pair of the newly released Air Jordan sneakers.

Hundreds of teens reportedly came rushing to the area minutes after a popular sneaker reseller announced the selling of the Jordan sneakers at a Chicago storefront.

In the video taken by another man who went to the store when he learned about the commotion, the teens can be seen not practicing social distancing and not even wearing masks.

Many people have expressed their concern about how the teens risked getting infected with coronavirus for a non-essential purchase.

Chicago, same as the whole of Illinois and the rest of the United States, is currently under a quarantine lockdown. Non-essential businesses, such as sneakers stores, should have been closed to prevent the spread of the virus. However, some people still ignore the mandate and go to “secret” stores that are open.