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Monday, January 30, 2017

Black Television News Channel Announces Carriage Agreement With Charter Communications

Black Television News Channel Founder JC Watts

Black Television News Channel (BTNC) Founder JC Watts

Tallahassee, FLBlack Television News Channel (BTNC), the nation’s only African American news network, today announced a multi-year carriage agreement with Charter Communications, a leading broadband communications company and the second largest cable operator in the United States. Under the agreement, Charter Communications will launch BTNC to Spectrum TV subscribers in 14 of the top 25 African American TV markets. These markets include New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, Boston, Tampa, Orlando, Cleveland, Charlotte, Birmingham, Norfolk, Raleigh-Durham, and New Orleans. Black Television News Channel now has carriage agreements with three of the four major subscription television providers.

BTNC’s network operations center will be located on Florida A&M University’s campus in Tallahassee, Florida. The network operation center will be the first 4K ultra HD newsgathering and production infrastructure of its kind and will include a multimillion-dollar media training center for aspiring young black journalists. BTNC’s news programming will employ a multi-platform approach that uses traditional linear cable and satellite service for television viewing while also introducing enhanced television services, social media applications, and e-commerce features.

BTNC is expected to create more than 100 new jobs in its host city.

BTNC is the endeavor of J.C. Watts, Jr., former congressman from Oklahoma and celebrated athlete, and broadcast and cable news veterans. BTNC’s programming mission is to provide intelligent programming that will inform, educate, inspire, and empower its African American audience.

“I applaud Charter Communications for promoting Black television media which will further social and civil discourse nationally,” says Watts. “A diversity of voices and viewpoints is essential to maintain a robust democracy.”


About BTNC
Black Television News Channel will be the nation’s only provider of 24/7 cable news programming dedicated to covering the unique perspective of African American communities. BTNC will provide access to information and educational programming to meet the specific needs of this growing and dynamic community that is a major consumer of subscription television services. BTNC will provide a new voice that represents African Americans in mainstream media and fosters political, economic, and social discourse. BTNC’s programming will shed light on the unique challenges facing urban communities and help close the “image gap” that exists today between the negative black stereotypes perpetuated by mainstream media news and our enterprising African American communities. For more details, visit www.blacktelevisionnewschannel.info


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