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Friday, September 8, 2017

Black-Themed School Supplies Company Pitches in to Help Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims

Black-themed school supplie

Columbus, GA — Georgia-based, Black-themed school supplies company, Innovative Supplies Worldwide, Inc., have embarked on a mission to help Hurricane Harvey flood victims.

The company is currently offering consumers the option to purchase school supplies from their website to donate to school-aged children and young adults who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. Customers can purchase high quality and inspiring school supplies for as low as $3.68. The company will cover the shipping costs to send these supplies to flood relief victims in Texas.

Innovative Supplies Worldwide, Inc. sells creative school supplies that are designed by local artists and manufactured by teenage employees. Their merchandise includes notebooks, stickers, pins and cups featuring unique and inspiring designs of African American culture and iconic civil rights activists like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. Among the company’s popular products are notebooks of a black female scientist conducting an experiment in a lab, Tupac wearing an ‘I am Sandra Bland’ T-shirt and black teen girl sporting an afro and ‘Be Unique’ T-shirt.

Innovative Supplies Worldwide, Inc is a Disabled Veteran-Owned company founded by US Army Veteran, Nneka Brown-Massey. Questioned about the about the motivation to help the flood victims, Brown explained: “Students and their families affected by this hurricane need support while they get through this difficult time. Our company and staff want to do our country a good service and provide help how we can.”

Since its establishment in 2016, Innovative Supplies Worldwide, Inc has been featured in Essence Magazine and Jet Mag. The company is also the 2017 winner of the Georgia Launching Opportunities by Exporting (GLOBE) Award.

Innovative Supplies’ collection of products have resonated with thousands of consumers. One customer commented: “These are awesome. I’m a black female scientist and I wish I had these growing up. Kudos to you!”

For further information or to purchase supplies to donate to Hurricane Harvey flood victims, please visit: www.innovativesupplies.net


Innovative Supplies Worldwide, Inc.