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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Black Woman Creates Superhero Universe For Women of Color — Celebrates Janet Jackson & Diana Ross!

Jazmin Truesdale, creator of the Kala Superhero

Jazmin Truesdale, founder of Aza Comics and creator of the Kala superhero character

Durham, NC — With Captain Marvel dominating the box office, Aza Comics, one of the only superhero brands centered entirely around women, is gaining popularity by giving women of color a voice. “I just asked women what they wanted to see,” says CEO and serial entrepreneur, Jazmin Truesdale. “I wanted to create superheroes that truly empowered women of color. Even the format of Aza’s books cater to the way women read.”

‘Novel-comics’, a phrase coined by Truesdale, takes the traditional novel and comic book format and merges them together for the ultimate reading experience.

As the rise of female superheroes continues, Aza Comics stands out with its unique roster of multicultural characters and fan-favorite leading Black superheroine, Kala. “I was told by publishers that Kala wasn’t marketable but now she is Aza’s most popular characer…go figure,” Truesdale says, rolling her eyes. “I wanted to showcase all these incredibly different women working together as a unit and kicking butt,” says Truesdale. “The best way to inspire is by example and Aza’s characters were inspired by real women of color who did incredible things.”

The real people Jazmin is referring to include music legends Janet Jackson and Diana Ross. “They are the epitome of Black Girl Magic,” Jazmin says proudly. “Of course, they would be the biggest influences on a universe of powerful women. It’s a no-brainer.”

Check out The Aza Comics trailer here!

Each girl not only tackles super-villains but also major issues happening with women in various cultures such as sexual assault which is a major issue spearheaded by the #MeToo movement.

“I want my characters to be a symbol of inspiration for women. I want women to be encouraged to speak up and speak out about important issues and have the courage to fight their own battles.”

As the company gears up for a slew of releases this year, Aza Comics is not slowing down as it continues to provide representation and empowerment. “I’m just giving people more of what they want,” says Jazmin. “My company will be expanding its mentoring program, Dare To Be Legendary, to encourage youth into entrepreneurship and the arts. I’ll be diving deeper into The Keepers book series for teens and adults. There will be more books for the kids series and even releases for our LGBT fans. Lots of action and lots of heart with a little bit for everyone.”

For more information on the company, characters, books & merchandise, visit www.AzaComics.com


Aza Comics PR Team