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Monday, December 31, 2018

Black Woman Racially Harassed at Walmart by Two White Men Who Followed Her Outside

Two white men who attacked woman at Walmart

Suspects Dylan Reynolds and Michael Walters

West Monroe, LA — Two white men, 22-year old Dylan Reynolds and 24-year old Michael Walters, are facing hate crime charges after allegedly yelling racial slurs at a Black woman and damaging her car outside a Walmart store in Louisiana. The two suspects were arrested two days after surveillance photos of the men were released. 

The woman was confronted by the two men on November 29th as she was leaving the store, according to the police report about the incident. The men allegedly yelled at her, and called her the n-word. She immediately began loading her purchases in her car much faster, and tried to get away from the two men who continued yelling racial slurs.

As she drove away, one man reportedly ran after her car and violently shoved an empty shopping cart to its rear bumper as she slowed for speed bumps in the parking lot, damaging the car and endangering her safety. Damages to the car exceeded $1,000.

The two men then sped off in a dark gray Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck.

Both of them were arrested two days after the police posted on Facebook a picture of the two caught from Walmart surveillance cameras. They were facing a hate crime charge and bond was set at $20,000 for each of them.

Reynolds was set free on $20,000 bond while Walters remained in jail for violating parole.