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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

This Year’s Black Women in Music Festival Will Be a 5-Day Celebration of Culture and Empowerment During Labor Day Weekend

Black Women in Music Festival

Seattle, WA — Your wish is granted. Opportunity Network and Connect Fundraising Extravaganza. DuBerry Enterprises rolls out their grand opening, Labor Day Weekend, home of the Black Women in Music Festival 5-day cultural and empowerment celebration, The Black is Beautiful Week and The Tena DuBerry WoW Show Presents and SATURDAY NITE at The SHUGA Sugar SHACK. It’s where it’s at. And it’s all going down August 31, 2019 from 7pm-11pm in Seattle, Washington.

The BIBW will run from Thursday, August 29 to Wednesday, September 4, 2019, and is a bold yet, comprehensive platform which provides a fundraising opportunity to network and connect with people from all industries, showcase historical contributions of Black Women in and outside of the arts, and celebrate them within our communities.

The main event will also be a surprise 50th birthday party for the Founder and Director, Tena “Queen Nb Twn” DuBerry. This epic gala will happen Saturday, August 31, 2019, from 7pm- 11pm Hosted by The Shuga Sugar Shack. It will be an unforgettable night Shhhh… Remember, it’s a surprise. Indeed, the brilliant diva is throwing her own surprise 50th birthday celebration.
“I wanted to do something wonderful for myself and the community. Something brilliant and grand,” says Queen Nb Twn, “and special for everyone to participate to raise funds, network, connect, relax, and have a good time. I am going to look forward to this event every year.”

“Its the biggest, most electrifying idea and celebration of the year,” says Sis*STAR Girl of The Scooop Magazine. “And I hear there will they will also be performing the World’s Greatest Singing Telegrams. WoW Grams. All I can say is wow. Count me in too. Be Black. Buy Black. Think Black. Saturday Nite at The Shuga Sugar Shack.”

This is an exclusive fundraising opportunity to network and connect and show your love and support. Butch Harrison & Good Company will provide the night’s music, and they know how to party. DuBerry is also accepting lavish gifts and all forms of love for her birthday celebration. “I am calling on all of our friends, fans and professionals to show some love and support our grand opening fundraiser, network opportunity and celebration gala,” says Queen Nb Twn.

“I don’t wanna name drop, but, I am calling on all my big favors. I remember when I was there for Denzel, Paulette, Samuel L, LaTanya, Patti, Janet, Anita, Toni, Roberta, Spike, Forest, Eddie, Martin, Viola, Halle, Taraji, Jennifer, Whoopi, Will, Jada, Regina, Diahann C, Mo’Nique, Vanessa W, Alfre W, Cicely, Latifah, Hattie McDaniel, Tracee, Diana, Pam G, Loretta D, Vivica, Phylicia & Debbie, Brandy, Chaka, Venus, Serena, Tiger, Dr. Claude A, Sandy D, Yvette C, Antonio M, Tariq N, Prof Black Truth, Black Authority, Pharaoh, LanceScurv, Dr. Mumbi, Woke Progressive, Phillip S, Bro. Sanchez, Afrikan Esq, Gen Seti, Dane C, Rizza I, Lisa C, Paris M, Cynthia G, Regina, Wayans, Chapelle, Chris R, Lailah, Angela, Magic, Cookie, LeBron & Savanah, Colin & Nessa, Stephen & Ayesha, countless others, they mamas and nem.”


About the Black Is Beautiful Week (The BIBW)
The BIBW is an entire week of festivities and celebrations for the entire world to connect. Amazing people, music, food and fun. The TENA DuBERRY WoW Show PRESENTS will broadcast six-hours daily, except Saturday, countless conversations and with many wonderful souls. This project has been in the making since 2012, and now our four-year festival and plan will be rolled out for the upcoming 2019-2022 Labor Day 2019 weekend. Each of the seven days of The BIBW, has a different theme and color: “Throwback Thursday” (Green), “Family Reunion Friday” (Red) , “Saturday Nite at The Shuga Sugar Shack” (Black), “Summertime Sunday” (Gold),” Miracle & Memories Monday” (Purple), I’ll Take You There Tuesday” (Blue) and “Where Is The Love Wednesday” (Pink). All daytime events are from 2:00pm-8:00pm and no cost public. Donations are accepted Tickets are required for all private evening events (7-11 pm).

About the Black Women in Music Festival (BWIMF)
The BWIMF is a bold, yet comprehensive approach at cultural reconversion and reconstruction in the Black community. After years of pursuing acceptance in the mainstream media, venues and theatres, we are taking a bold and unprecedented step to create the venue for Black Women in the Arts. It is here, Black women can express their full creative abilities in an environment that is developed and maintained for us and by us, sensitive and aware of our uniqueness which in turn benefits the entire community. The BWIMF will be the vehicle through which we will reclaim, preserve and protect our culture and our community’s traditional values. The BWIMF is inclusive of Black women in all aspects of life. Many pictures will document the upcoming making of the BWIMF movie, which will also be written and produced by Tena DuBerry.

About Tena DuBerry
Currently a full-time student with 3.50 GPA. Tena DuBerry is President & CEO of DuBerry Enterprises, the Founder and Director of The Black Is Beautiful Week, The Black Women in Music Festival, Host and Producer of her weekly television show: The Tena DuBerry Wow Show Presents, airing three times weekly on Thurston County Television Channel 22 and SATURDAY NITE at The SHUGA Sugar SHACK. She is an accomplished actress, songstress, writer, producer, entrepreneur and much more. Tena has received awards, standing ovations for encore performances and has performed for both public, private, and corporate events, theatres, arenas, festivals, city and state parties and functions.

Contact them for tickets, vendor, volunteer, advertising and sponsorship opportunities and visit www.DuBerryEnterprises.com.


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