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Friday, May 15, 2020

Hundreds of Black Women Responding to Home Business Opportunity in the Travel Industry

Black women travel agents

Nationwide — A new program has been launched that is targeting African American female entrepreneurs who want to work from home in the travel and lifestyle industry. Despite the global Coronavirus pandemic, millions of people are still expected to travel this summer and during the upcoming holiday season this winter.

According to the initiative’s web site at BlackTravelAgents.com, interested women can learn for free how to get paid while simply helping others find the best travel accommodations, enjoy life-changing experiences, and make travel a regular and safe part of their lifestyle.

These entrepreneurs, however, will be more than just travel agents. Although they will be able to work at home and on their own schedules, they will ultimately be working for a lifestyle company that markets highly-desired travel-related products to the masses, and is a leader in the leisure travel industry.

“This work-at-home business opportunity is perfect for Black women because we are the fastest growing demographic of successful entrepreneurs in the world. Even more, we love to travel,” says Makeisha Lee, founder of the movement. “So, why not mix business with pleasure?”

She also mentions that because the Black community has been affected the most by the COVID-19 pandemic causing many to be unemployed right now, this is a great time for interested ones to take advantage of the opportunity. “The travel industry is still a multi-billion dollar industry,” she adds.

Even recent Black college graduates who are struggling to find a job are encouraged to sign up.

For more details and/or to inquire further, visit BlackTravelAgents.com or send an email to info@blacktravelagents.com or call 949-383-0923