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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Unique Web Site, BlackResults.com, Gears To Reshape Wealth In The Black Community

Black Results

Nationwide — BlackResults.com, dubbed as the search engine that gives back, is a new search engine which donates 20% of its net profits to the African American community by way of scholarships, grants and micro-loans. Launched in May of 2014, the company’s search results are provided to its users via a partnership with Yahoo!

BlackResults.com is owned by Paws Host, LLC, a social enterprise on a mission to create more wealth within the black community. People using the search engine can seamlessly support black owned businesses and improve the circulation of the dollar within the African American community by using the company’s proprietary Blacklink Program.

Last year, Google generated over 36 billion dollars in revenues according to paidcontent.org. Yet, neither Google nor any of the search giants had any African American’s on its board of directors, according to a Black Enterprise Magazine report. BlackResults.com offers African Americans the opportunity to support a search engine that in return supports them back.

African Americans have a buying power of 1.1 trillion dollars annually. Moreover, the Nielson Company reports that over 23.9 million African Americans are online searching each month. BlackResults.com intends to combine this tremendous buying power with online search and uplift the black community by donating money towards its social cause.

Using www.BlackResults.com will feel just like using Google, with the added feeling of empowering the black community.

The company may be reached via email at press@blackresults.com.

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