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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Best-Selling Black Author Writes Children’s Book to Help Black Kids Set Boundaries

“No! You can’t touch my hair! No! You can’t put your hand down there!”

B.M. Hardin, author of The No-No Book

Nationwide — Best-selling author B.M. Hardin has written and released The No-No Book to help kids learn how to set boundaries. This book helps kids identify actions and scenarios where saying NO is the best response.

In this book, kids read about topics that they can relate to. “No, you can’t touch my hair!” Little brown girls deal with this often, and this book will help them understand that telling people not to touch their hair is absolutely okay.

Also, often, little brown boys are taught that they aren’t supposed to cry. A page in this book reads, “No! I’m not a crybaby. It’s okay for me to cry.” The book kids teaches kids to say NO with confidence to society misperceptions, and inappropriate touching and behaviors.

What readers are saying:

“WE LOVED THE MESSAGE! I think this is a great way to end the cycle and start making this a comfortable conversation for families to have at an early age. It is also a great way of reiterating boundaries and helping children stay firm in their demands. This will be in the nighttime rotation until he can say these things verbatim!”

For more details and/or to purchase The No-No Book, the book can be found on Amazon

For press inquiries, contact bmhardinbooks@gmail.com