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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

African-American Business Birthing Coach, Visionary & Entrepreneur, Launches ‘Bold’ – A Thought Leader Private Coaching Program™

— ‘Bold’ Aims to Get Professionals on Their Life Mission, Packaging and Monetizing Their Expertise, and Bringing Original Bodies of Work to Life —

Bobbi Hicks, founder of Bold

Bobbi Hicks, founder of ‘BOLD’

Nationwide — Business Birthing Coach, Visionary, Former HR Executive and Entrepreneur, Bobbi Hicks, launches BOLD Thought Leader Private Coaching Program™ for professionals, experts and entrepreneurs, who are hungry to get onto their life mission, bring an original body of work to life, as well as to package and monetize their expertise. The best candidates for business birthing coaching are courageous individuals with over 10,000 hours of professional experience, who want to make a difference in the world doing what they love, are self-starters, and have a strong ability to work through the challenges that will naturally emerge in the process.

At a time when globalization is shipping white collar work overseas, and technological advances such as artificial intelligence and robotics are eliminating jobs, success will depend on one’s ability to be bold, creative, and innovative, offering new solutions to the challenges facing society today. Professionals who want to thrive and have control over their futures must wake up, get on their A game and become more proactive. This work is a game changer because the best opportunity one has for success is to understand the unique value that they have to offer the world. This includes employees who by now should understand the need to be intrapreneurial, if they are to be an asset to their employers and stay employed.

“The primary work of the Business Birthing Coach is to help people to discover the work that they have been anointed to do and bring it to life, (which is a difficult task to accomplish alone); to identify the best vehicles to get their message and work into the world based on their personality; to unconceal their internal and external goldmine that already exists – sometimes unbeknownst to them; and to package and monetize their expertise and life experience,” says Hicks.

She continues, “When working with a client, I am informed by three factors: (1) the movie or life story of each individual, along with the adversity, signposts and turning points faced along the way; (2) their talents, strengths, and areas of gifting, which suggests the appropriate platform to move forward – i.e. speaking, writing, and/or technology; and (3) my strong intuitive abilities.”

According to Hicks, a few of the factors that slow down or stops people from creating work that is original to them, is usually a result of:

1. Waiting for Validation. Someone to tell you that you have the intelligence or something of great value, rather than believing in yourself and doing the work;

2. Curse of Knowledge. Underestimating the value of what you know because it is so familiar to you and perhaps the people in your circle;

3. Poverty Consciousness. Basing your ability to earn on your past or family glass ceiling. Not investing in yourself or doing the math regarding what’s possible or at stake;

4. Procrastination. Waiting for something or someone to save you. Some people stay in the same conversation for years.

5. Reinventing the Wheel. Doing what everyone else is doing. Not following your own path.

This work is also great for individuals who want to be realize their potential, enhance their life legacy, create new streams of income, or increase their earning potential. Participants will receive a customized blueprint to a multiple 6 or 7 figure income, depending on professional and life experience. Other programs include How to Discover Your Life Mission group coaching program taking place in NJ, and Proof of Life private coaching intensive for baby boomers only.

Until now, this work has only been available through referrals or by private invitation. Hicks offers consulting services, premium private and group coaching programs. Private coaching takes place live in NJ or via telephone. For more information, please contact Stephanie McKinney at (973) 284-0391, or Bobbi Hicks via email at Bobbihicks@gmail.com. Serious individuals should call to schedule a free 20-minute consultation to determine if this work is right for you.


About Bobbi Hicks
Bobbi Hicks is a former NYC permanent placement owner who has been in the seminar business for 35 years. Today, she focuses on professional and family development. She is a business birthing coach who guides professionals to become thought leaders, bring original bodies of work to life; to discover their internal and external goldmine, to create their platform, package and monetize their expertise, as well as to be an accountability partner. One of the results that clients receive is a customized blueprint to a multiple six-figure income. High powered individuals with great resources can receive a seven-figure blueprint. She prefers to work with clients who are hungry and want to realize their true potential.


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