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Monday, May 13, 2019

Body Cam Shows Maryland Police Officer Calling Black Men the N-Word

White police officer called Black men the n-word

Montgomery, MD — A white female police officer from Maryland is being investigated after she was recorded on Instagram Live and on her own body camera calling several Black men the n-word while she was questioning them.

Last Thursday, police responded to a place outside McDonald’s in Silver Spring where a group of four Black men was allegedly loitering and trespassing.

The body camera video released by Montgomery County police and the Instagram Live video, recorded by one of the men, show the female police officer, whose identity wasn’t released, questioning them. At one point, she can be heard saying, “You wanna get out of here fast right? Y’all n—-s been trying to something.

After she used the slur, one of the men told her she’s racist but she defended herself saying, “Nope that’s quote, those were your words.”

“I bet if she didn’t have that badge on, she wouldn’t call us no n—-s,” the man responded.

“I would still say it because what I’m doing is repeating your words,” the female officer said.

Montgomery County police spokesman Capt. Thomas Jordan noted the four men were issued civil citations for trespassing. Two of the men were found with 10 grams of marijuana and were given civil citations for possession of marijuana under 10 grams. No arrests were made.

Meanwhile, the police department also issued a statement saying the incident is now under investigation and “appropriate actions shall be taken in conformance with applicable laws and policy.”

“The matter brought to our attention today is disturbing and contrary to our department’s values and our overarching mission to fairly and impartially serve our community,” the statement read. “We sincerely regret the disturbing nature of this video. We understand the pain such language causes the entire community.”

Montgomery County Councilman Will Jawando also expressed his disappointment upon watching the video, calling the police officer’s action “very demeaning, very disrespectful.”

“I don’t think she needs to continue with the force,” Jawando told CNN. “I think in that case, at a minimum, it’s a suspension and training, but I just don’t think that she needs to work on the police department anymore.”