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Monday, July 11, 2016

Powerful Book Entitled, “America the Racist?” is Republished to Give Insight on How to Stop Killing Black Men… and Police Officers

— The book, written by H. J. Harris, changes the paradigm of racism that has created “Black Lives Matter”. —

America the Racist? book


Nationwide — Author H. J. Harris believes the headlines of police brutality, killing of unarmed black men and of 5 police officers is the tip of the iceberg of a paradigm of racism that has framed America from the Declaration of Independence to tomorrow’s headlines. In his newly republished book, America the Racist?, Harris examines this paradigm that, unchecked, can destroy the soul, body and credibility of America. “Racism can destroy America,” he says.

His book is a must read for white and black Americans as current events unfold from police shootings of black men, the racist massacre of 9 black Americans in a Bible study class is Charleston, South Carolina, to the killing of 5 police officers in Dallas, Texas. America the Racist?, a 172 page book sets forth a concise, easy to read, historical, spiritual, and psychological treatment of Racism in America – its causes, evolution and possibilities for the future.

“Once we understand why we are where we are as a nation, then we are better equipped to determine what must be done for America to truly become the ‘One Nation Under God’ described in Dr. King’s dream and in the Pledge of Allegiance,” states Harris.

He continues, “Many Americans thought that the scourge of racism was finally over with the election in 2008 of the first African American President Barack Obama, It appeared that America had finally faced the spiritual dilemma of racism and delivered on its creed of equality and justice for all. White and black Americans together elected the first African American President in history.”

However, Harris states, “Immediately after the election of President Obama, a loud raucous segment of America emerged, seeking ‘to take our country back’. The true meaning of ‘take our country back’ was never publicly defined. To Black Americans, it meant a desire to return to the days of ‘Jim Crow’ – of institutional racism that has defined America since its inception.”

“The shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson the shooting in the back of unarmed Walter Scott, in Charleston, the shocking death of Eric Garner in New York City, the killings of Philando Castille and Alton Sterling are all instances of fatal interactions between black men and police,” claims the author. The “Black Lives Matter” movement grew as a response to perceived callousness and brutality of police actions toward black people.

A chapter in America the Racist? entitled “Thank God for Television” shows how many white Americans are in total denial of the existence of racism in America until videos surface that show what is really happening in this country. Harris states that “Some white Americans go so far to maintain that state of denial that they actually claim that these racial divisions are caused by President Obama. They actually proclaim that if it were not for President Obama, these racial issues would not exist.”

Harris believes that the racial discourse that now dominates the news and politics clearly indicates that the information covered is this book is critical to understanding and resolving the paradigm of racism that has been a cancer on America since its inception.

America the Racist? shows why the cancer of racism is so deep that many black and white Americans are not able to get beyond the ingrained racism they have been taught from the cradle to the grave since the beginning of this nation.

America the Racist? reveals why the Paradigm of Slavery created and perpetuated by many white Americans must be replaced by a Paradigm of Freedom that can only be created by black and white Americans working together with a mutual understanding to build a New Vision of “one nation under God”.

Harris says that America the Racist? answers the following 12 important questions about racism in America:

#1 – How the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were impacted by signers who owned slaves and endorsed slavery. The slavery issue was a deal breaker since many of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence owned slaves.

#2 – Why the issue of slavery was so important that over six-hundred thousand (600,000) Americans died in the Civil War.

#3 – How American Christians have perpetuated segregation and separation. 11:00 am on Sunday morning is still the most segregated hour in America.

#4 – What the Bible has to say about the spiritual impact of slavery on the future existence of America.

#5 – How sex and economics have been at the core of American racism, discrimination, and injustice.

#6 – How racism has impacted every facet of American life from sports to law enforcement, from military service to the color of God. There was a time in the not so-distant past when black police officers couldn’t arrest white people, or a black umpire could not call a white baseball player out at the plate.

#7 – Why black Americans rarely form partnerships in business and find difficulty working together. The difference in the psyche of blacks born in America and West Indian blacks.

#8 – How the white slave master captured, broke the spirit, and institutionalized the vicious, vulgar process employed in the making of a slave.

#9 – How the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon applies to slavery and impacts condition and behavior of black Americans.

#10 – Why the power of television was the single most important tool in showing the truth of America racism to the world. Without television, America’s moral compass is an illusion.

#11 – Does America have the moral authority to promote liberty and freedom to other countries when racism undermines the liberty and freedom of black Americans?

#12 – Why the Presidency of Barack Obama has removed the scab from the festering sore of racism that is poised to destroy America as a spiritual contradiction to the Christian principles on which it was created.


It is for these reasons, the urgency of now, that the publisher has elected to re-publish America the Racist? and make it available as a light to show the way forward. The information contained in this book is critical to all black and white Americans as they face both the greatest challenge and the greatest opportunity to save America and help it live out its creed.

America the Racist? is available as a 172-page book on Amazon.com in Kindle and paperback formats, ISBN 978-0-9748362-5-6 ($16.95) [0-9748362-5-6, paperback ($16.95)]. It is also available at www.americatheracist.org

The book is published by New Paradigm Publishing, and distributed nationally by Bookmasters (Atlas Books). A book overview or ebook version is available to reviewers by email to info@americatheracist.info or by calling 800-570-4009.


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