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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Book “Are We There Yet?” Discusses Major Challenges Facing Black Community; Offers Inspiring Solutions

Are We There Yet? by Martin L. Davis

Author Martin L. Davis and bookcover

Chicago, IL — As a political activist and community organizer in Chicago, author Martin L. Davis helps hundreds of black Americans realize and harness the power of P.I.E.: political power, intellectual power and economic power. Davis, a guest of several top-tier media programs such as NPR, America’s Morning News and CBS Radio, shares his thoughts on the racial problems he feels are still prevalent in the U.S. in his new book, Are We There Yet?: The Ultimate Challenge (published by Archway Publishing).

Insightful and fully researched, Are We There Yet? tackles what Davis says are some of the biggest plights facing black Americans and offers a detailed solution for overcoming these problems. Davis discusses problems with voter registration, inner-city schools, urban policing, gun violence and control, and group economics, providing explanations as well as possible solutions.

“My book provides challenges for blacks to improve their knowledge of our history, to learn how to uplift one another instead of degrading, to combat black-on-black violence, and how to improve the educational system in our communities,” Davis says.

Living in Chicago, Davis sees his fair share of violence within the black community. He hopes his book will serve as an opportunity for more discussion on racism and inequality and empower black Americans to uplift themselves.

More information is available at www.theultimatechallenge.net and read Davis’ blog at www.AuthorMartinDavis.com. Interest readers can also check out his social media campaign, #JustDecide, running on his Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Book Details:
Are We There Yet?
By Martin L. Davis
Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 152 pages | ISBN 9781480809215
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 152 pages | ISBN 9781480809222
E-Book | 152 pages | ISBN 9781480809239
Available at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com

About the Author
Martin L. Davis is a political activist, community organizer, motivational speaker, security expert and election judge in Will County in Illinois. When not acting as a student mentor and career advisor for inner-city schools, he focuses his efforts on his role as CEO and founder of Be Brilliant – Inner City School Educational Initiative. He is married with four sons.


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