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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New Book Entitled “Black” Expresses Deep Emotion For the Violence Suffered by Black Children and Teens Around the World

Black By Denise P. Isaac


Natonwide — Miami, Florida-based GodBeGod Publishers has published its first book entitled BLACK – a book of poetry and daily affirmations by Denise Paulette Isaac. She says she was driven by the spirit of God, which gave her the unction to respond to the violence suffered by black children, teenagers and young adults around the world. While socially conscious citizens from the nation’s streets and communities are rallying for the cause of ‘Black Lives Matter’, Denise is voicing her concerns through the spoken word of poetry and positive affirmations that empowers youths.

BLACK is intended to assist in minimizing the stereotypical behaviors, hate, disrespect, rejection, denial, violence and misunderstandings that some people have towards Black youths and to understand the things that they so often encounter. The book cover shows the various depth of emotions and feelings that Blacks so often shows and experiences. Her poetry speaks truth to young ones about who they are, and gives them a platform to build their self-esteem and confidence by reading and reciting verses such as:

* There’s no shame in being Black;
* Black is one of the first colors that artists decided to use in art and their masterpieces;
* Black is a color that can be mixed with other colors to enhance and change them;
* Black is the combination of all other colors and races including white and being without color;
* Black is versatile, accommodating, flexible, rewarding, necessary, and enduring

Author Denise P. Isaac was drawn in and was able to empathize with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. She took pen in hand and captured her emotions for the world to see. Hoping to influence the generations of young people by speaking the truth about who they really are, Denise, has written a brilliant book of poetry called BLACK, tailored to Empower, Encourage, Inspire, Educate, Uplift and Enlighten Black children for a lifetime, BLACK is a tool that belongs in every home in America.

Much of Denise’s poetry is based on the real life struggles and negative encounters experienced by Black children and their families, and Denise has voiced it in a way that gives hope, vibrancy, clarity and realism to those who listen, read and shout out loud… “I AM BLACK, PROUD AND AMAZING!”

According to Tony Rose, NAACP Image Award Winner for Outstanding Literature, “Sometimes Imamu Baraka, Nikki Giovanni, and James Baldwin appear as spirits to guide us. Today, they have appeared in the form of a Black woman named Denise P. Isaac. Run to it. Get it. Read her brilliant book of poetry. BLACK is the new language of hope for America!”

Rose believes in the power of BLACK and the spoken word and feels that Denise’s daily affirmations will confirm the value of Black youths so they can know who they are, overcome their obstacles and gain positive values and purpose for their journey through life;

I am Black, Proud and Amazing
I am a winner and not a loser
I am smart, very intelligent and not dumb
I am a hard worker and not lazy
I have an excellent spirit and everything I do is done in an excellent way
I will live a life of decency and respect
I am a leader and not a follower that strives for Greatness

Denise is a woman of integrity, compassionate, and dedicated to the causes she’s committed to. She is a spiritual mentor and pillar in the community, who has and continues to groom and empower both men and women, young and old, to be effective leaders of excellence and integrity in our society.

According to Bro. John Wellons of Miami Florida, “I thought it was another one of those usual and ordinary books, until I opened it and read it myself; it blew my mind.” He believes that the book BLACK is for every generation and the communities at large. Miami’s own Mayor Tomas Regalado endorses the book and believes that the book is a great and much-needed resource for the youths of today, who are not reading enough as expected.

Among her poems included in BLACK, Denise offers such titles as: I Know for Sure; I Love me; Little Black Child; There’s Nothing Wrong with Me; I Can; Not Right Now; I Want to Live; Buddy, I Am, Everything and Then Some; No Limits; I Am Free; So Misunderstood; Beautiful; Crying On a Rainy Day; Where’s Mine; This World; There’s a Way Out; and Elevate Your Mind.

About the Book:
by Denise Paulette Isaac
80 Pages / Trade Paperback / $12.99
ISBN #: 978-0-692-60413-7
Available on Amazon.com – http://amzn.to/1StfZTf
Available on BarnesandNoble.com – http://bit.ly/1SL0vsP

For more details about Denise P. Isaac or her book, visit www.denisepisaac.me


Denise P. Isaac

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