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Thursday, April 4, 2019

New Book, “Fleshly Date or Godly Mate,” Impacts the Lives of Single Women

Mary Lee Vance, author of Fleshly Date, Godly Mate

Mary Lee Vance, author of Fleshly Date, Godly Mate

Atlanta, GA — Esteemed African-American author, Mary Lee Vance who is also a relationship coach and motivational speaker, has written a transformational book in regards to dating. It’s titled, Fleshly Date or Godly Mate. Mary is on a mission to impact the lives of single women around the world who desire to be married.

In Fleshly Date or Godly Mate, Mary uses her personal experiences of the different types of men she dated before marriage and how she had to fight back to gain her self-esteem, value, and had understand the favor she carried. Her book helps women who are lost and confused in their singleness understand the true power that is inside of her.

An Excerpt from Chapter 1, What Is Your Flesh?

“I faithfully attended church on Sundays and Bible study on Tuesday, but spiritually I was dead because I was following after the dead. I was enticed by the dead and liked how the dead made me feel. I felt special. He knew what to say and when to say it. He knew where to touch me and manipulate me to agree to engage in intercourse without the intention of even viewing me as his wife.”

A book review states, “I highly recommend this book to women of all ages on a spiritual journey to restore and restructure their mindset while waiting on God’s best. This book offers total transparency and experiences many of us have endured. The scriptures are simply fulfilling and in perfect sec with the challenges that are faced in looking for a mate. Great read!”

Mary Lee Vance is a prolific author who’s goal is to help transform the mindset of women and help them step into their power and purpose. She wants them to understand that singleness is temporary and what you do while you’re single matters. She helps women through her coaching and motivational speaking realize that they should not have to settle for less when they deserve the best.

Fleshly Date or Godly Mate was released on March 5, 2019 and can be purchased on her website at www.maryleevance.com and is available in paperback or as an ebook on Amazon.com.

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