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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Struggles and Triumphs of a Black Soldier During World War II Revealed in New Book, “Foreign Son”

Foreign Son by Lewis Kelley

Nationwide — Author Lewis Kelley has announced the re-release of Foreign Son, a riveting, historical page-turner with a message of grit and resilience for today. The story follows the son of Harlem Lieutenant Vince LaSalle as he navigates a segregated military and society. Equal parts shrewd, rugged, and refined, Vince’s mettle is continually tested while enduring the rigors of a man at war with a pitiless Nazi enemy and, seemingly at times, the very country he fights for—he is, a true Foreign Son, whether at home or in the many lands his impossible missions take him to.

The story deepens when he is recruited into the unseen side of war—espionage, he discovers, might be even more brutal than the combat he is accustomed to. In England, Vince encounters Jan Holling, an adjutant to her nation’s code breakers, and the first of multiple intriguing characters he is linked to as they navigate a world of shadows and lies that could potentially reorder the world.

At home in Harlem, Vierna Lillis, the love of Vince’s life, wages her own battle with a menace representing the worst side of life. Lam Green, a thug who deals in savagery, seeks to spoil this untainted woman whose pristine existence offends his carnal nature. But Lam discovers that Vierna is no defenseless victim. A reality that plays out in surprising ways throughout the winding story.

Reviews say: “Foreign Son is a riveting novel taking place near the end of WWII. Non-stop action and suspense, exceptional writing…”

“Fantastic book! Finished reading in 3 days while in Cozumel… I need FLIGHT (Book 2) gotta make sure Vince LaSalle is okay!”

Foreign Son is an aptly titled story of Vince LaSalle, a man who honorably serves his country during World War II but is often treated like an outsider because of the color of his skin. Although his accomplishments and expertise precede him, he is purposely thrown into impossible situations just to test the system, which only overshadows his triumphs. The story is a skillfully written, thrilling adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And the addition of Vince’s romantic feelings for his fiancé, Vierna, as well as the loyalty he evokes from the men and women around him, makes him a very likable tough guy…”

Foreign Son is available in eBook and paperback format, as are all of Lewis Kelley’s works. He has published five novels to date, with much more on the way. More can be learned about him and his writing at AuthorLewisKelley.com

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