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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

New Book, Inspired By the Author’s 13-Year Old Granddaughter, Challenges One Million Black Men and Fathers to Make Sure Their Children “Know Our Story”

Jordyn Alexis Ash, the granddaughter of author Tyrone Ash, holds a copy of his book

Jordyn Alexis Ash, the granddaughter of author Tyrone Ash, holds a copy of his book

Nationwide — A teenager is challenging a million fathers and a million black men to make sure their children “Know Our Story”. “What shall I tell my children who are Black?” is a question poised in a poem written by Margaret Burroughs. “Tell my generation the whole story. Tell us the story from the 1st human on earth, a colored man … to the most despised people on earth, people of color … to the most powerful man on earth, a man of color. This is the story my generation needs to be told. This is why, I am challenging a million fathers and a million Black men to make sure their children know our story,” says 13-year old, Jordyn Alexis Ash, granddaughter of Tyrone Ash who is the author of The Story GrandPa Told of American and World African Legends and Culture.

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This individual activity provides fathers and black men opportunity to be involved in setting the foundation for their children’s future. “Know Our Story” has power to guarantee children increase their knowledge of the essentials of success. This fact is the conclusions of historians and university studies on successful people. Experts concluded, increasing knowledge of self-history and ancestry is essential for success. Do we tell our story to our children? Do our children have access to this knowledge base? The answer for the masses of children is no. For this reason, achievements in school are poor, incidents of behavioral problems are high, and, push toward success is low. Fathers and black men must be involved to change this situation.

The reference book for the “Know Our Story” activity is The Story GrandPa Told of American and World African Legends and Culture. The reference gives more than 400 biographies of chiefs, kings/queens, pharaohs, leaders, inventors, educators, scientists, singers, actor/actresses, poets, athletes, engineers, activists, and ordinary citizens doing extra ordinary achievements through beliefs, faith, determination, and, love. The reference covers more than 150 countries on six continents. Time is reviewed from 1000’s of years BC to present. For a bonus, the reference provides a two part index (general and cultural). Best of all, the book is easy to read and creates opportunity for fathers and black men to have conversations and discussions with their children.

Challenge is issued to a million fathers and a million black men to maximize this present opportunity to ensure their children have a quality future toward success. Commitment in activity will reflect in higher academics, positive behavior appears, and, passions for success increase in children. With a million fathers and a million black men committed to this challenge, our children will share their knowledge with their peers. Group pride for success is created in community.

Order a story for you, your child, family, friend, coworker, neighbor kids, and share with your network. For $29.95, sharing time with your child, and working with schools we can push this paradigm change in education. Now, place your order at www.thestorygrandpatold.com. Pre-orders received before November 17, 2017 will receive an autographed copy.

Portions of each sale supports community based 501(c)3 organizations empowering youth.

For additional information or to schedule interviews or speaking engagements, contact Tyrone A. Ash at 954-854-9216 or Email: hyty2u@gmail.com


Michael Anderson, Producer

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