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Monday, April 10, 2017

New Book, “The ABC’s of African American Inventions,” Helps Educate Children About Black History

The ABC's of African American Inventions


NationwideThe ABC’s of African American Inventions is a recently released children’s book by Kenneth R. McClelland. This fun and informative book can be used for home schooling; in traditional classroom settings; as an additional curriculum offering during Black History Month (taking time to study the various inventions and inventors mentioned in the book, throughout the month); or to be given as a gift by (or to) your family members.

This children’s book is rather unique in the genre because it crosses traditional age barriers for such a book, and while it is similar to other ABC picture books, in that you can use it to teach children the letters of the alphabet, you can also place this into the hands of children of most any elementary school grade level to stir their inventive minds and artistic abilities early on in life.

Additionally, this same book can be given to middle school aged children, and even to high school students, where the idea is not simply to show them the many inventions and inventors, but also to inspire their creativity and stimulate their young minds when they’re challenged near the end to imagine their own ideas and draw them out. The inventions which they’ll draw onto the provided pages, can then be shared among their classmates and with family members. This durable 8.5 x 11” book can also be saved as a keepsake to reference in the years to come, and perhaps to one day share the knowledge in the book and the creations they drew, with their own children.

What is particularly interesting, is that parents and educators who use this book to teach younger children the alphabet, or to challenge older children to dream up wonderful new ideas of their own, will also enjoy what they’ll discover in The ABC’s of African American Inventions, with each irresistible turn of the page.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon – www.amazon.com/ABCs-African-American-Inventions/dp/1543185797/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8


Kenneth R. McClelland