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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Newly Released Book “Would Jesus Date A Woman Like Me?” Offers Black Women A New Perspective

— Brian Bolden’s new book answers numerous questions with which Black women continue to struggle regarding their relationships with Black men —

Brian Bolden, Would Jesus Date a Woman Like Me?

Bookcover and author, Brian Bolden

Nationwide — According to author Brian Bolden, there are two cold, hard truths: (1) Black women are scarred, and (2) Black men are scarred.

Bolden comments, “Throughout the centuries, frustration, disappointment, and despair on both sides has created a great divide between black women and black men. In the world of relationships, it has become increasingly difficult for black women to make an emotional, spiritual, and psychological connection with black men.”

This has motivated Bolden to release his latest book entitled Would Jesus Date a Woman Like Me? for the many women, particularly black women, that often find themselves asking, “Why can’t I find a good black man?”

Bolden explains: “It is my sincere belief that the thoughts and ideas outlined in my book will help answer numerous questions with which black women continue to struggle regarding their relationships with men—particularly black American men.”

Questions answered in Would Jesus Date a Woman Like Me? include:

Why will he bed me but not wed me? Why are black men continuing to cross the fence in alarming numbers? Why do many black men see black women as too difficult and complicated to deal with? Why many black men have lost love and respect for a lot of black women. Why many black men feel a lot of black women no longer know how to love them, care for them, and nurture them. Why are black men divorcing black women at an alarmingly high rate? Also, why many black men feel a lot of black women don’t make good homemakers nor can they keep a peaceful home, and why many black men feel a lot of black women have a “too independent” mentality and have a problem with “letting the man be the man” in the relationship or marriage.

“As a result of their frustration and disappointment with black women, many black men have vowed to never date or marry another black woman and have chosen to cross color lines in unbelievably large numbers,” Bolden says. “For those black men, having a strong Nubian queen by their side has become nothing more than a pipe dream they used to have. For them, dating outside their race is no longer taboo and no longer creates the innate feeling of betraying black women. The reality is, many black women are hitting home runs in their careers but striking out in their relationships and marriages.”

He says his ultimate goal is for the book to encourage black women to step back for a moment and take an introspective look at themselves and the part they play in beginning, building, and sustaining healthy relationships with black men.

Bolden adds, “Whether you are a woman who requires only a minor adjustment, or you are a woman in need of a major overhaul, critical self-examination is the key to tearing down the walls that impede the growth of your relationships with black men. I want to inform black women in America what they need to do to help restore the faith of good-quality black men. I want black women to understand that I wrote this book as a wake-up call.”

Book Details:
Would Jesus Date a Woman Like Me?
By Brian Bolden
Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing
ISBN: 1622878272
Available as an e-book, paperback and hardcover at www.BrianBolden.net, Amazon.com, or BarnesandNoble.com


Mr. Bolden is available for media interviews and speaking engagements.

Brian Bolden

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