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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mom and Son Team Up to Launch Black-Owned National Bookkeeping Service For Small Businesses

— Bookkeeping services for small and mid-sized business now available nationally! —

Dela and Donnell Dantzler

Mother and son, Lela and Donnell Dantzler, have launched BookCense Bookkeeping – a new bookkeeping services company for small and medium-sized businesses nationwide

Oakland, CA — Mother and son, Lela and Donnell Dantzler, have launched BookCense Bookkeeping, which offers affordable bookkeeping services for businesses across the U.S. Both small and medium sized businesses can now use their services to simplify and offload their bookkeeping and reporting activities and focus on their core business operations to achieve maximum revenues and profits.

Utilizing their services, business transactions and reporting will be efficiently and effectively managed to provide summarized reporting of day-to-day transactions and end-of-year totaled transactions.

Big Grill & More, a Kansas City-based Barbecue restaurant, was an early adopter of the company’s services. The owner of the company comments, “On all accounts, BookCense Bookkeeping makes sense and it has helped us to maintain accurate financials for our business. The services have been invaluable to our ability to know where we stand at any time.”

“Many businesses of different sizes and types stand to benefit from utilizing our services by leveraging its simple yet, effective methods of receiving and tracking revenues and expenses,” says Lela Dantzler.

She continues, “One of the top reasons for business failure is inaccurate accounting and bookkeeping practices. With that, a key goal of BookCense Bookkeeping is to enhance business capability of tracking and managing day-to-day transactions while providing line of sight to improvement opportunity areas to maximize profits and business success.”

For more details about the company, visit www.bookcense.com or contact them at info@bookcense.com or (510) 303-1984.


About the Company
BookCense bookkeeping company provides bookkeeping services to small and medium sized businesses to ensure accurate sales and expense tracking to simplify business operations and allow business owners to focus on core business functions. BookCense enlists business bookkeeping practices that employ simple yet, effective record keeping ensuring data integrity and accessibility for sound decision-making, strategy and reporting.


BookCense Bookkeeping