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Friday, June 12, 2020

Black Entrepreneur Creates Unique Journal to Help Loved Ones Manage Finances in the Event of an Emergency

Brandee Harrington, creator of the Coinz Journal

Nationwide — Meet Brandee Harrington, a real estate broker and entrepreneur from Jackson, Mississippi, who has released a 100-page, spiral-bound book called the COINZ Journal that is designed to help manage the finances and other resources of loved ones in the event of an emergency. The journal walks users through a series of steps to document necessary information about their personal affairs such as bills, sources of income, policy information, and so on.

The importance of recording vital information is further cemented in the journal with Harrington’s personal story of how uninformed she was about her mother’s financial affairs when she suffered a stroke.

Talking about death or illness is one of those morose topics no one wants to talk about. In fact, one survey revealed that more than half of American adults don’t have a will or estate plan. The truth is that life is unpredictable and avoiding that discussion will not make it go away.

Explaining her motivation for creating the COINZ Journal, Harrington said: “I thought I had time to get her (my Mother) information together. I wrote it with the hope that as she got older, I wouldn’t have to go on a scavenger hunt looking for the info. I understand most families don’t discuss their resources and often when they need to it’s too late. My hope is to change the narrative of not discussing it and just simply preparing that if/when they get sick, disabled, or even upon death families are prepared.”

Already customers are sharing their insight on owning the COINZ Journal. Kodi D. said: “As an insurance agent, I thought I had my items documented very well. However, this journal has given me a fresh perspective for not only myself but my family, but the people that come into my office. Having all the necessary information down in one place will help individuals and families tremendously.”

COINZ Journal is available for the retail price of $40 at Amazon. Bundles are also available and feature the COINZ Journal and exclusive COINZ multi-functional pen, making it a perfect buy for you or as a gift for any occasion. For further information or to purchase a copy of the journal, visit MyCoinzJournal.com.


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