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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Dallas Protester Loses His Left Eye and Several Teeth After Being Shot By Police

Brandon Saenz

Nationwide — Brandon Saenz, a 26-year old unarmed Black man from Dallas, Texas, says that he was at a protest against police brutality when he was shot by a police officer who was allegedly using a sponge round. He suffered from serious injuries which caused him to lose his left eye and seven teeth.

“All I heard was a boom. I got hit,” Saenz told CBS News about the incident.

Saenz claims he didn’t do anything to provoke the police while looking for a friend during the protest when it suddenly happened.

“I put my hands up, put my hand on my eye, and then I took off running,” he said.

Saenz had to undergo surgery after the entire left side of his face got broken from the shooting.

After the police interviewed Saenz, he was not charged but the officers responsible were not identified as well. Saenz, his family, and his lawyer, Daryl Washington, demand justice, calling on Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall to identify the officers responsible.

A GoFundMe was organized to raise funds for Saenz’s surgery and other expenses. It has so far raised more than $260,000.