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Monday, November 21, 2022

Black Dad, Former High School Dropout, Partners With 18-Year-Old Son to Launch Financial Literacy Academy

Brandon Williams and son, Timothy

Nationwide — Meet 37-year-old Brandon Williams, a high school dropout turned entrepreneur from Miami Gardens, Florida, who has teamed with his 18-year-old son to launch CEO Financial Literacy Academy, one of the only such non-profit schools in the country that is Black-owned. Brandon dropped out of high school in 2003, but later went back to earn his GED, and is now a successful entrepreneur and author.

Brandon’s business ventures include CEO Realty Partners, a real estate brokerage; CEO Health and Wealth Group, a financial services and insurance firm; and CEO Security School, where students can earn a D-license and a G-License that would enable them to work as armed security officers.

He is also the author of Breaking The Financial Curse which aims to help thousands of people from all around the world to protect their families, protect their assets, protect their homes, protect their finances and most importantly, protect their lives.

He leverages his experience in banking, real estate, lending, finance, insurance, and owning his own personal and business consulting firm to explain how people can avoid the pitfalls set for them to lose the “Money Game”. In the book, he talks about the tactical strategies ordinary people can use to grow, protect, and save money.

The entrepreneur and philanthropist felt compelled to write this book after seeing so many families suffer by losing everything they had in savings and retirement during the pandemic when they lost their job or had a major health event.

Speaking about the book, “I feel bad when I see people who work all their life, save all their money up for retirement, then have an unforeseen health condition that wipes it all away. Similarly, when they buy their first home or investment property but have a stroke, heart attack, cancer, or any health condition, the government forces them to sell their assets to pay for medical expenses. I was sick and tired of seeing this over and over again.”

He added, “Not everyone can afford a finance coach; that is why I want to help people learn the rules of money and avoid these financial pitfalls. In my new book, you will give the short, sweet, and to-the-point answer on the steps needed to win the money game.”

Williams created this book to teach people of all ages that anything is possible and success is within their reach when they educate themselves financially. The book will explain how they can build tax-free generational wealth and protect their retirement funds. The author will also be conducting the Breaking The Financial Curse MasterClass for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. The class will guide a business owner to creating a profitable business and taking it to the next level. In this, people will learn how to fund their businesses and generate additional income streams.

Williams is also active with his non-profit and recently partnered with OIC of South Florida, a community-based workforce, job development, and training organization, to service the youth in Carol City Middle School and Brownsville Middle, well known schools in Miami-Dade School District, through the implementation of financial literacy and entrepreneurship programs.

For more information about the book and the financial literacy academy, visit BreakingTheFinancialCurse.com

For more information about the free MasterClass, please text “Masterclass” to 305-930-7307.


Williams is an author, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist born and raised in Miami, Florida. A young man raised in the tough streets of Miami by his mother, grandmother, and grandfather. Throughout his journey, he endured numerous challenges and setbacks.Some of his challenges include having grown up with a father in prison, being raised by a single mother, dropping out of high school, and being a teen father. However, at the age of 18, his life changed for the better.

He decided to take charge of his own life and career, which enabled him to start his own business. Williams has now dedicated his life to serving others through the CEO Financial Literacy Academy, a non-profit that he and his now 18-year-old son started to help underserved youth & young adults worldwide to Break the Financial Curse for them & their families.

Williams has raised and trained his son Timothy as an entrepreneur since he was a young boy. His son graduated high school early with a 700-credit score and started a profitable business at the age of 16 under the direction of his father. Williams coached his son, Timothy, on how to build his personal and business credit profile.

Timothy is the President of CEO Financial Literacy Academy. The goal of their non-profit is to duplicate the success that he’s had with his son with the underserved youth and youth adults all over the country by giving them access to the information, tools, the trades and more, through financial literacy and entrepreneurship programs and workshops.

For press inquiries and media interviews, contact info@breakingthefinancialcurse.com or 305-930-7307.