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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

“The Broke Man’s Survival Guide” — Single Mom Shares No-Nonsense Survival Skills for Making Ends Meet

Broke Man's Survival Guide by AM Harris

Author, A.M. Harris and bookcover

Chicago, IL — Helping thousands of unemployed, underemployed and people struggling to make ends meet survive and ultimately thrive in a tough economy is the focus of a new book, The Broke Man’s Survival Guide: 50 Simple Strategies to Use When You Are Unemployed, Underpaid or Just Dead Broke and Trying to Survive.

Written by author A.M. Harris – who leverages her 30 years of social service work providing need-based services to struggling families – The Broke Man’s Survival Guide offers 50 strategies in a frank, unvarnished, tell-it-like-it-is approach to help people once on sound financial footing find their way through unemployment, underemployment or downright financial discouragement.

Harris knows her topic well. In 2004, Harris was forced to leave an abusive marriage – with four children in tow – including a child with Down Syndrome. Even though she had a college degree and a full-time job, her former husband was the primary breadwinner, and Harris didn’t earn enough to provide the quality of life she wanted for herself and her children. She put many of the strategies in The Broke Man’s Survival Guide into play in her own life to make ends meet.

“My book is for hardworking people who have fallen into a bad situation that has prevented them from paying their bills,” Harris said. “the book isn’t about savings plans or building investment portfolios. It’s written for people grappling with survival right now. The Broke Man’s Survival Guide helps people deal with the bill they’re holding in their hand, and what to do when the debt collectors start calling. It provides the optimism to help them get to another tomorrow.”

The book’s proven advice and strategies all lead to helping readers develop an unshakable ‘plan of attack’ before their vehicle is repossessed, their home is foreclosed or debt collectors set up camp on their doorstep. A powerful plan can steer anyone away from the chronic illness, debt and bad choices that are by-product of being broke.

Nobody knows this better than Harris, who has spearheaded programs that included job placement services, homeless prevention and emergency assistance for utility disconnections, pending evictions, and foreclosures. It was Harris’ responsibility to help families get back on track and provide them with the resources to navigate through temporary roadblocks.

“Instead of worrying about things that are beyond your control at the moment, my book helps people learn vital survival skills to pull themselves up from rock-bottom. People need to know what to do when the decision has to be made about putting food on the table or the paying the car note,” she adds, “without the politically correct mumbo jumbo that is often provided to struggling families.”

The Broke Man’s Survival Guide: 50 Simple Strategies To Use When You Are Unemployed, Underpaid or Just Dead Broke And Trying to Survive is available now on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1BVRhhy

For more information and resources, visit the book’s official website: www.thebrokeguide.com


About A. M. Harris:
A.M. Harris has spent 30 years working in social services, assisting clients who lost good jobs and were at their wit’s end managing through their financial crises. After leaving an abusive marriage with four kids in tow, including a child with Down syndrome, Harris wrote The Broke Man’s Survival Guide: 50 Simple Strategies To Use When You Are Unemployed, Underpaid or Just Dead Broke And Trying to Survive (Amazon, ISBN-13: 978-0615907291, 178 pages) to help others survive tough times. The book is based on the information she has given to hundreds of clients she served on topics such as “Creating Your Own Employment Opportunities,” “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul,” “Avoiding Scams,” “Attitude Adjustment,” “Avoiding the Repo Man,” “Keeping A Roof Over Your Head” and many more.

For more information about the book, visit www.thebrokeguide.com

(Book review copies available upon request)


A.M. Harris

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