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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Homeless Man Cuts Off Lights in Grocery Store Bathroom, and Threatens to Kill Woman in a Stall

Brooklyn Smith III

Brooklyn Smith III

Fayetteville, NC — Brooklyn Smith III, a 25-year old homeless man in North Carolina, was arrested after a woman told police that Smith went inside the women’s restroom of a grocery store, killed the lights, and threatened to rape and kill her.

On Saturday, Smith reportedly went into the women’s restroom at a Food Lion grocery store where Kelly Morton is at. Morton told police that the lights were suddenly cut off and after that, Smith started crawling under stall doors and threatening to kill her.

“I sat down on the toilet and started using the bathroom,” Morton told ABC 11. “Next thing you know, I saw fingers and eyes and he said, ‘Hey sweetie, don’t move or I’ll kill you.'”

Morton said she was getting herself ready to act on defense if anything happens, but Smith just quickly ran away.

The police found Smith in a nearby dumpster. Smith allegedly told them that he just “wanted to rape a woman.”

Smith was charged with felony secret peeping, communicating threats, and assault on a female. He was taken into custody and held initially on a $6,500 bond, but the judge eventually increased it to $30,000.

According to records, Smith is a repeat offender and had a history of previous arrests for breaking and entering, trespassing, larceny, and assault.

“I am really unhappy that he wasn’t charged with attempted rape,” Morton said. “Although he didn’t try, he made the statement that is what he wanted to do.”