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Friday, January 29, 2021

The Brown Beauty Co-op Brings Together Retailers Carrying Over 100 Black-Owned Brands

The Brand & The Beautiful Retail Workshop to Help Entrepreneurs Build Brands and Get to Market

The Brand and the Beautiful Retail Workshop

Washington, DC — In the wake of corporations committing to invest in Black-owned brands, The Brown Beauty Co-op isn’t sitting still. The Washington, DC-based beauty cooperative, which is the premier destination for Black and brown beauty brands, will host an unprecedented retail workshop titled “The Brand & The Beautiful” (Click here to register now!). This workshop will cater to Black and brown product owners, manufacturers, and sellers who are interested in breaking into retail and want to get insider information on how to design their brand pitch to get on shelves.

“It’s 2021 and there’s no better time to invest in Black-owned brands, Black-owned retailers, and our communities,” said Amaya Smith, co-founder of The Brown Beauty Co-op. “We’re excited that this workshop allows us to create our own table rather than waiting to be given a seat in a room where so few of us sit.”

“There’s no other workshop like this,” said Kimberly Smith, co-founder of The Brown Beauty Co-op. “Entrepreneurs will get to hear from brand strategists on how to craft a brand story, protect their brands and scale their businesses. But what’s most exciting is they will hear from real buyers, which happen to be some of the top Black-owned retailers, to get feedback on what they’re looking for. You will not want to miss this!”

Who: The Brown Beauty Co-op

What: The Brand & The Beautiful Online Workshop

When: Sunday, February 7, 2021, 12-5 PM ET

Where: Register today online at REBRAND.LY/BRANDBEAUTIFUL

The workshop will feature the following renowned speakers:

Kimberly Smith, Co-founder of The Brown Beauty Co-op, Founder of Marjani:
An Ivy League trained corporate attorney, Kimberly started the first of its kind online beauty retailer catering to women of color where she uses her platform to empower women of color, across nationalities, age, hair textures, and shades to embrace and claim their beauty.

Amaya Smith, Co-founder of The Brown Beauty Co-op, Founder of Product Junkie:
With a foundation in marketing and communications, Amaya has worked to create a space for women and people who wear their hair naturally curly, in order mainstream curly hair.

Amber Williams, Brand Strategist & Copywriter:
From an entry-level seat inside Giorgio Armani’s marketing department to creating global brand strategies for Volkswagen, Amber helps creatives stand out and sell faster by creating copy that counts.

Brittney Ogike, Founder, BeautyBeez:
Brittney Ogike is the founder of the North Hollywood based modern beauty supply store that champions inclusivity by building a community that celebrates multicultural beauty.

Chinonye Akunne, Co-founder ILERA Apothecary:
Born to Nigerian immigrants, Chinonye Akunne has culminated an impressive background in scientific fields and strives to make the beauty industry more transparent all while staying true to her roots and helping others.

Jenea Robinson, Owner, Marsh + Mane:
Jenea worked to create a Philadelphia based beauty supply store that women actually looked forward to visiting. A beautiful space that is inviting, with knowledgeable staff and products that cater to every aspect of your wash-day routine.

Neidy Hornsby, Noir IP & Business Attorney:
Neidy exclusively partners with creatives, entrepreneurs and women-owned brands with the goal to close the gap between emerging brands and Big Law.

Anika Hobbs, Owner & Lead Curator of Nubian Hueman:
With a professional career of over 15 years of multi-level, national and international retail trade, Anika leads Nubian Hueman’s work as a social impact company that specializes in sourcing unique goods and fashion by artists representing the global Diaspora.

Shannon Kennard, Creative Director and Co-founder Mama Tress:
As a digital marketer and artist, Shannon aims to collaborate and uplift other creatives of color and to foster entrepreneurship and imagination using personal narratives and an open mind.

Kristian Henderson, Founder of BLK + GRN:
With a background in science and medicine, Kristian is the founder of the premium purveyor of clean, all-natural, Black-owned products. A marketplace that features all-natural, non-toxic products for women of color, by women of color.

For press inquiries, contact info@brownbeautycoop.com