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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

From Overcoming Drug Addiction and Multiple Incarcerations to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Author and entrepreneur Bryace Todd tells it all in his new book entitled, “The Blueprint 4 Perfect Lemonade: What I Learned From Jay & Bey”

Blueprint 4 Perfect Lemonade by Bryace Todd

Bookcover and author, Bryace Todd

Fort Worth, TX — African American author and business entrepreneur Bryace Todd gives readers an inside view of overcoming the failures of his former life of crack addiction and multiple incarcerations in his transparent and inspiring new book, The Blueprint 4 Perfect Lemonade: What I Learned from Jay & Bey. Based on his well-known and documented life of crack addiction, multiple incarceration and self-destruction, he’s able to break down each chapter in sharing how he transformed his life to one of success and happiness.

Bryace describes how he was able to take coded messages found within eight power-filled songs by Jay Z and Beyonce to use them as a psychological tool to apply to his own condition, and how he was able to transform his mind from that of being a “slave to the streets and the system” to becoming a servant to humanity and a successful business owner. Using plain, ordinary language, he shares details about his former lifestyle and then, how digging deeply within the inner-self, he rediscovered himself, his passion for living and his life’s purpose.

“It’s a true honor to be in a position to be a shining light in such a dark atmosphere of overcoming drug addiction and prison sentences,” said Bryace. “Many people wouldn’t quite understand the fact that I didn’t merely come from the bottom of the barrel. I clawed my way and had to crawl from underneath the barrel. The barrel in which many people (including some of our very own friends and loved ones are in right now). A barrel that’s filled to an overflowing heap with the trash and garbage of drugs, addiction, incarceration, crime-filled lifestyle, self-inflicted poverty, despair, defeat, cheating yourself out of a good life, deception and denial, with the doors and windows of opportunity closed in my face due to the poor choices I made, lack of commitment, irresponsibility and just trying to fit in with a crowd I didn’t belong in. I now live a full life simply because I know what death is. No, not physical death but the most painful of deaths. Yes, there’s a death more painful than physical death because the worst death is not when a person dies. The worst death is when what dies inside a person while they are still physically alive.”

Readers interested in life-changing, inspirational and motivational realism found in the literary scene, and who have an appreciation for raw, uncut and powerful truth that will surely impact your life, or the life of a loved one, will embrace this book as a sure Blueprint 4 Perfect Lemonade.

The Blueprint 4 Perfect Lemonade: What I Learned from Jay & Bey will soon be available on Amazon in print and Kindle versions, as well as in major bookstores throughout the nation. You may also visit his website to order a copy of the book and to learn more about the author at www.blueprint4perfectlemonade.com.

For more information about the book or to schedule an interview or with the author, please call the author direct at (817) 492-5539 or email mbtjonez20@gmail.com. Bryace is also currently accepting invitations to do speaking engagements.


Bryace Todd
(817) 492-5539

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