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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Buckingham Palace Responds to Black Abolitionist’s Open Letter to the Queen of England

Venita Benitez with the Queen of England

Nationwide — Buckingham Palace has responded to Venita Benitez’s controversial open letter to the Queen of England. Benitez, a self-proclaimed abolitionist and genealogist, comments, “I humbly appreciate hearing back from Buckingham Palace about the Coat of Arms and Crest that had been granted to John Hawkins, an English slave trader, dealer and trafficker of human flesh – which we still have going on in the world today.”

Her Majesty’s Buckingham Palace was thoughtful enough to respond to her letter to set straight history records, and in the letter it was indicated that it was not Queen Elizabeth I, but William Hervey that granted John Hawkins his Coat of Arms and Crest in 1565.

This was a special Coat of Arms and Crest (first of these coats, in token of a remarkable victory over the Moors) – Crest A demi Moor proper bound and captive, with annulets on his arms and ears. The bound African slave on the crest reflects the trade that Hawkins pioneered.

Benitez continues, “I can therefore appreciate the Palace for expressing that the delegation of power to grant new arms was to the senior Heralds or Kings of Arms, William Hervey, Clarenceux King of Arms for the College of Arms an office which he held from 1557 until his death in 1567.”

And in 1568, three years afterward, John Hawkins Coat of Arms was augmented by Robert Cooke, Clarenceux. The sketch for arms and crest granted to John Hawkins, in addition was granted. ‘Canton or an escallop between two palmers’ staves was by Robert Cooke, Clarenceux King of Arms, an office that he held from 1567 until his death in 1592.

“When does the negative unwarranted behavior of man ever realize that it is a habitual offense that triggers erroneous sites of violent acts of discrimination based on someone’s perception of another person’s right to live a quality life?” she continues. “It is my belief that we have the power within to denounce forms of strongholds, bondage and cruelties when it consumes our souls. It has been said that history is known to repeat itself, and I say humanity cannot afford to repeat any of the cruel ancient behaviors and symbolizations formed by fears.”

There is a global peace to Prince Harry publicly challenging a brooch worn by Lady at Pippa Middleton’s wedding reception, making it known to the world that it is not acceptable nor welcomed behavior in the global healing and reconciliation pursuit of peace.

Benitez adds, “I have learned many of things, and this is no different. I accept the things that I cannot change, change the things when I can, and get wisdom to know the difference. I really am hopeful that an olive branch has been sent by the Palace to help us all take steps toward a better tomorrow. Whenever someone responds it usually means they care.”

“Denouncing something like a shameful granting of a crest perhaps has already begun by Her Majesty grandson Prince Harry. I too extent an olive branch and am so thankful for Buckingham Palace’s response to my open letter to The Queen,” she said.


Read the letter from Buckingham Palace below:


For more details about Venita’s mission, visit www.nationalfreedomday.com or contact her at 214-404-4433 or venita@nationalfreedomday.com

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