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Friday, August 4, 2023

Burger King Worker Who Never Missed a Day in 27 Years Gifted $400K For Retirement

Kevin Ford

Nationwide — Kevin Ford, a Burger King employee in Las Vegas, Nevada, was surprised with $400,000 from his co-workers and other supporters after working diligently for the fast food chain for 27 years. The well-deserved gift came after he was originally given just a small goodie bag by the company.

In a now-viral video, Ford shared how he felt underappreciated after receiving a goodie bag, which came from HMS Host, the company that hires staff for Burger King. It contained a bag of Reese’s, a Starbucks reusable cup, two pens, and just one movie ticket, according to Upworthy.

Feeling a bit disappointed, Ford still expressed gratitude, stating he was happy about anything he receives. However, many people responded with overwhelming support. A GoFundMe page for him was started to show Kevin that his dedication mattered. Within a year, the campaign raised over $400,000.

One notable contribution came from actor and comedian David Spade, who gave $5,000 and sent a congratulatory message to Kevin on Instagram. This unexpected outpouring of love left Kevin speechless, and he expressed his gratitude to everyone.

Kevin’s daughter, Seryna, shared how her father had been a devoted single parent since she and her older sister were very young. She emphasized how much he deserved this appreciation for his unwavering commitment to his job, even during tough times.

The heartwarming story even brought Kevin and his daughter together on national TV after being separated for four years. The love and support from the public have been overwhelming for the family.

Meanwhile, Burger King tried to downplay the initial gift incident, claiming it was a “peer-to-peer reward in recognition of a short-term positive performance/experience.” However, the public’s response proved that Kevin’s loyalty and hard work deserved more acknowledgment.