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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Business Women and Entrepreneurs Invited to Submit Their Stories to BusinessWomen.org

— Open invitation for women to submit a short write-up about why they are an “Amazing Business Woman”. —

Diverse business women and entrepreneurs

Nationwide — There are millions of successful woman-owned businesses all around the world, which has sparked the launch of BusinessWomen.org – a blog that profiles “Amazing Business Women”.

The web site, which receives thousands of visitors each month, publishes the latest success stories about amazing business women and entrepreneurs, and the goal is to use these stories to inspire and motivate other women to also pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Additionally, the web site publishes the top events & workshops for business women to attend, as well as the top publications, organizations & programs, and funding opportunities that are available.

Recently, BusinessWomen.org announced that women of all ages and nationalities are invited to submit their stories for a chance to be published on the web site.


To be eligible, all applicants must:

* Be a female with an already established business for at least 1 year;
* Have a functional web site;
* Have a unique product, service or story that makes them “amazing”;
* Have one or more professional, high resolution photos that can be used.

How to Submit:

The submission process is easy, and requires only three simple steps!

#1 – Visit BusinessWomen.org and click on “Submit My Story”
#2 – Like their Facebook page
#3 – Email them a short write-up about your company, and 2-3 photos

That’s it!

There is no cost whatsoever to women who want to submit their story, but those who submit should keep in mind that not all stories will be published. It is entirely up to the discretion of the staff at BusinessWomen.org which stories will be published.

For more details and/or to submit your story, visit:


Amazing Business Women