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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Two New Books Offer Hope to African-American and Low Income Women Dealing With Depression, Self-Esteem and Income Disparities

Author C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon

Bookcovers and author C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon BA, SM, Ed.S.

Atlanta, GA — African American author C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon has published Who Stole My Blanket?: 6 Easy Steps To Rebuild Your Life After An Income Loss and How to Get to the Palace from Your Prison: Joseph’s 14 Step Program to Overcome Loneliness, Depression, Discrimination, Barrenness, and Abuse — two dynamic resources designed to empower all women to move from the bottom to the top on an equal footing with their white and/or male counterparts.

Although we have an African American president and a sparse number of women of color in high positions in government and private industry, the grim reality is that the overwhelming majority (53.3%) of African-American children with single female –headed households are living in poverty according to the Congressional Research Service based on U.S. Census Bureau data from the 2013 Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement. This number is slightly higher (54.7%) for Hispanic children, and lower for White, non-Hispanic children (36.5 %). Asian single female-headed households fared the best at 33 % child poverty rate. Statistics like this sound the alarm for the need for radical changes to end the cycle of generational poverty.

Book #1 – “Who Stole My Blanket?”
Today’s headlines abound with reports of high gas prices, unemployment, foreclosures, healthcare costs, divorce rates, depression, and obesity rates, etc. Many feel that their security blanket has been snatched from under them in plain daylight. Is the American dream still alive? Who Stole My Blanket? 6 Easy Steps To Rebuild Your Life After An Income Loss is designed to be a resource for those who are struggling in this current economy. Individuals seeking to improve their job prospects and who want answers to life’s most pressing questions concerning their purpose in life will learn how to:

* find employment regardless of their age or looks
* learn how to turn their dreams into reality
* leave a legacy for their heirs
* get rid of the negative thoughts in their mind
* maintain a youthful appearance and healthy lifestyle
* overcome gender barriers, fears, depression, and discrimination

Book #2 – “How to Get to the Palace from Your Prison”
How to Get to the Palace from Your Prison is a companion self-help book to be an adjunct to Who Stole My Blanket? This easy read offers fourteen “how to steps” to achieve one’s goals in life by overcoming the emotional and psychological problems that prevent individuals from achieving a sense of shalom (nothing missing and nothing broken), regardless of their background, race, gender, or birthplace. This book empowers readers to overcome their feelings of low self-esteem, insecurity, depression, discrimination, and powerlessness that many women in particular often experience, especially those from impoverished backgrounds.


Women Arise & Be Healed 2014 Wellness Conference
Joyce’s latest project is the Women Arise & Be Healed 2014 Wellness Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, July11-13, 2014. This awesome three day conference retreat is designed to give women a weekend of rest, relaxation, and replenishing of the mind, body, and spirit! Joyce, as well as other dynamic speakers will empower women to overcome depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, abuse, powerlessness, and financial scarcity. Wellness Seminars will focus on Dating, Marriage, Living Solo, Preventing STDs, HIV/AIDS, Obtaining Credit, Career Options, Employment, Investing in Stocks and Bonds, Micro-Financing, Nutrition, Proper Dieting, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss, Overcoming Depression, Pain, Loss, and Fears. Additional sessions will focus on Self-Esteem, Spirituality, and Finding Your Life Purpose.

Entertainment includes: Yoga Relaxation Techniques, Beauty Makeovers, Gospel Artists, Free Massages, Card games (Spades and 21), Tennis, Swimming, Ice Breakers, Inspirational Poetry, Gospel Artist Performances, and Nature Trail walks along the Chattahoochee River.


About the Author
C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon, never envisioned as she sat on the inner city housing projects steps in Boston that she would become a successful businesswoman who would one day earn a six-figure income and go on to become a highly acclaimed Motivational Speaker. In 1992, Joyce married, opened a real estate company with her husband’s help in her 7th month of pregnancy, with only $10.00 in the operating account that subsequently blossomed into a six-figure income.

Joyce has not only survived, but she has thrived after living in a dysfunctional family. She has overcome poverty, abuse, loneliness, depression, job loss, a stillbirth and two miscarriages. Joyce has gone from making six figures—to no figures. Following the collapse of the real estate industry in 2007, Joyce experienced unemployment and worked several low paying jobs for two years. During that time, she returned to school—and after filling out close to 400 applications, Joyce eventually landed a job as a Certified Educator at the age of 57.

Farrar-Rosemon speaks frequently to non-profit groups, schools, colleges and churches. She has appeared in several newspapers, magazines, on radio and television, including The Geraldo at Large Show. She is now a best-selling author, Certified Educator, and Radio Host of Inspirational Voices. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and elementary education, a Master’s in psychiatric social work, and a Specialist Degree in Education.



“Farrar-Rosemon is a successful educator and past real estate broker who started out as a psychiatric social worker. She found her real calling as a Christian-based writer and motivational speaker. Her books are a wonderful addition to self-help literature, the field of women’s empowerment, and motivational counseling.” — Former Mayor of Savannah Georgia, Otis S. Johnson, Ph.D.

To register for the July 11-13, 2014 Women Arise & Be Healed Wellness Conference or to obtain any of her books, visit www.womensempowermentseminars.com

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C. Joyce Farrar-Rosemon

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