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Monday, June 21, 2021

In His 65th Self-Published Book, Black Entrepreneur Tells His Story — From Welfare to Building a Multi-Million Dollar Publishing Firm

C. Sunny Martin, author of 'Making a Black Millionaire'

Nationwide — Readers of The Making of a Black Millionaire by C. Sunny Martin will be inspired by the journey of a fatherless young man who grew up in poverty while taking care of his ill-stricken mother on welfare. He made a conscious decision to quit college and become his own boss. This same kid became a thirsty learner from reading books written by highly successful entrepreneurs that fueled his knowledge and motivation to obtain elite marketing and sales skills that led him to build several successful enterprises throughout his career.

The SBA states that of our nation’s 30 million small businesses, less than 7% of those firms actually produce $1 million dollars in annual sales revenue. For African American-owned businesses, that percentage drops to less than 2% of those businesses that produce a million dollars in revenue each year.

This book drops many jewels and nuggets on how C. Sunny Martin built and scaled a multimillion-dollar publishing firm to 27-major U.S. cities. Within its pages, you’ll also learn some elite marketing and sales skills to attract Fortune 100-500 firms as high-paying clients to your brand. Whatever business you’re in, the author details how to stage signature events and trade shows at prestigious venues to attract lucrative sponsorships. Events make money and are great settings to brand, market, and sell your products and/or market your services.

Martin professes that if you commit to becoming a thirsty learner of real-life experiences from other successful entrepreneurs you can profit off those experiences in mighty ways.

For pennies on the dollar, it costs to buy this book, Martin intentionally shares many of the details of his successes that you can emulate to expand and grow your business to greater profitability!

Currently, Mr. Martin is engaged in opening up Youth Entrepreneur Centers franchises across America! He won’t stop, can’t stop!

To get your personal autographed copy, visit CSunnyMartin.com

For press inquiries, contact C. Sunny Martin & Associates at sunny@csunnymartin.com