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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

California Becomes First State Sued by Black Patients Matter (BPM)

BPM safehouse joins underground railway saving Black lives

California State Government

Washington, DC — A federal civil rights lawsuit has been filed against multiple members of the MBC Medical Board of California and investigative police force HQIU (Health Quality Investigative Unit) for allegedly targeting doctors treating patients of color (Federal Court Central Division, Case No. 2:19-cv-03056-PA-JC). The jury trial has been assigned to the Honorable Judge Percy Anderson of Los Angeles.

Ending Soon: Funding and Grants For Black Women and Families


The suit alleges California MBC finances non-racially diversified policing units and hires medical experts and consultants employed at “whites-only” clinics and hospitals. “Change begins with us,” states BPM advocate Hanna Rhee MD, “just grateful to God and the underground railway for embracing our efforts.”

BPM is represented by the Fenton Law Group of Los Angeles, supportive of racial diversity and religious tolerance. Donations welcome and appreciated on the BPM GoFundMe page.


Black Patients Matter

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